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Christmas 2008 - I've been tagged | by isayx3
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Christmas 2008 - I've been tagged

#10/365 This image represents my kids Chistmas. My daughter was all about the Barbie Peekaboo petites and my son it was all Thomas the train. I'm sure it will be funny to see this photo next year when all of these toys are untouched in the bottom of some toybox.


So I have been tagged for the first time, so lets get this over with...


1. I am half vietnamese / irish

2. I used to want to be an actor..only got as far being an extra in a couple movies

3. I thought I was going to be a rockstar..had a demo and everything and never got around to sending it to anyone. Did play in band a couple of times but it was too much work.

4. I majored in History but I am a Graphic Designer

5. Dang..only on #5....I lived in Germany for 10 years when I was a kid (Father was in the Army)

6. I'd love to live in London one day

7. I watch more television shows than most anyone you know

8. I am really good at trivial pursuit...I used to collect all the editions. No one ever wants to play :(

9. I know it is trendy and cool to be a geek..but I really am. I love electronic gadgets, I have every game console, I got to level to 70-80 in World of Warcraft in a little over a week when the new expansion came out, I can go on.

10. I have a massive music collection. I'd say over 4000 cd easy..that does not include my mp3 collection. I listen to almost every kind of music.

11. I met my wife in a dance club.

12. Will this ever end!...I love food..I mean all kinds, even fast food.

13. I used to have long hair..down to my butt. People used to think I Amerian Indian...I even had an Indian ask me what tribe I was from...I said the tribe of rock and roll! (not really)

14. It's late and that last statement made me laugh out loud

15. I'm still laughing

16. I'm up every night till 2am watching shows on my Cowon A3 high res media player that supports almost every codec out there...did I mention I'm a geek

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