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in Kyiv there was a restaraunt with all white walls and everything. i wonder if these books are white inside either:)

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  1. palegreenlight 73 months ago

    Great pattern!

  2. + |-_-| ZzZzZZzZZZzzz... 73 months ago

    its reminds me some scene of "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

  3. kaliko* la fille 73 months ago

    read read la blancheur des mots…

  4. synchronisiert 73 months ago

    i like!
    did you made more photos of this restaraunt?
    it looks really cool...

  5. Hernan Paganini 73 months ago

    mountains of colors

  6. brilliant lite 73 months ago

    I wanna go there...

  7. Charlyn W 73 months ago

    SOooOOOO coool!!!!!!!!!!

  8. usova 73 months ago

    was the food any good???:) was it white too?

  9. Irina Troitskaya 73 months ago

    synchronisiert, no it's the only one:) food was great and cheap and i forgot to take more photos:)

    usova, wood was good and cheap as hell:) not white at all!

  10. Mando Maniac 73 months ago

    It reminds me of a certain interior decorator I saw in "Architechtural Digest" who put white covers on all his books to achieve a certain look. How does one ever find anything, I'd like to know.....or don't these folks really read, but just like the idea of books?

  11. pepbraç 71 months ago

    Molt bona. Literatura en blanc.

  12. 68 months ago

    If those books are white, then they cant be red...boom boom!
    I'll get my coat.

  13. Lochaven 68 months ago

    very strange.........................!

  14. oleg26 58 months ago


  15. Vykoukal [deleted] 36 months ago

    Fantastic !!

    Please post your photo at
    "Books and Magazines!!"
    (Thank You)

  16. mlhradio 26 months ago

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