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  • we had our first snow two days ago:)
  • привет
    ой как приятно! X)) - bubbo.etsy.com
  • привет! как ты там?
  • hihis, spasiba, horosho, tolko ustayu strashno, 9 chasov plus 4 chasa doroga.. da eshe v 6 kazhdyi den vstayu...

    ty pomnish pro konstruktor? pro gocco? - bubbo.etsy.com


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Kill Pop, vfm4, *L, ada augustyniak, and 19 other people added this photo to their favorites.

  1. Kill Pop 79 months ago | reply

    I have guests like that too.

  2. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    Kill Pop, wow, really? you'd take their photos;)

  3. *Juliabe 79 months ago | reply

    he looks cozy in your place :)

  4. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    minkoff, i'm rearing bears:)

  5. *Juliabe 79 months ago | reply

    how kind of you ;)

  6. malota 79 months ago | reply

    I always wanted to make papier-mache... it is very dificult?

  7. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    malota, it's easy! i bought something like papier-mache paste. of course you'll need a form first, then you put this paste onto the form. it's jovi: buyersguide.artmaterialsretailer.com/listings/viewManufac...

  8. earlyadopter 79 months ago | reply

    В SittingPeople дадите картинку повисеть?

  9. malota 79 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much for the tips! awww you are soo kind!

  10. Guilherme Kramer 79 months ago | reply

    wonderful mask, this is so cool!

  11. *Juliabe 79 months ago | reply

    Oh, i never heard about that paste!! i will try to find it too. I used to make my own papier mache years ago, but it was so messy!! this looks fine...i will give it a try ;D

  12. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    earlyadopter, готово

    malota, you're always welcome!:) i have something like vested interest! you know i could tell my children about our on line conversations:) think you'll be extremely famous these days!

    Guilherme Kramer, thank you!

    minkoff, you'd try it! it's clean and easy to use. and it's not messy at all!:) i was amazed!

  13. malota 79 months ago | reply

    Hello darling
    I have found the Jovi PATMACHE!!
    Jovi are spanish, they produce them in Barcelona, I think :D

    THANKS again for the info.

  14. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    love your new userpic:) and glad you found it! they produce nice clay as well. can't wait to see the result:)

  15. jerry waese 79 months ago | reply

    do they come in like that or is it the welcomming process that masks them in such a distinguished way

  16. Irina Troitskaya 79 months ago | reply

    jerry waese, think you just need to be very patient and wait for them quietly:)

  17. song* 76 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is wonderful!

  18. Elsa Prinsessa 72 months ago | reply

    HAHAHA I love it

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