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How To Obtain A Legitimate IRS Federal Tax Identification Number | by IRS EIN
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How To Obtain A Legitimate IRS Federal Tax Identification Number




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The cyber world has changed the way we live. It’s very much evident with the rise of online shopping and selling. This explains the advent of eBay. EBay has made shopping and selling online more fun and interesting. Unlike any other shops online, eBay is a legitimate online website. With eBay, purchasing those hard to find items is just one click away.

Have you been thinking of opening an eBay store too? So if you are planning to be a retailer and purchase items from a wholesaler, you will have to meet to some specific requirements. When it comes to buying or selling from a wholesaler, one requirement that you will need is a Tax ID number. So if you have no idea how to get a tax ID, then read up to know more about it.

A Federal Tax ID Number is similar to an Employer ID Number or EIN. This is now a requirement for most genuine wholesale suppliers for you to access to any business information regarding their merchandise. This will serve as your proof that you are indeed an authorized reseller. In addition, most banks nowadays will not allow you to start a business without a tax ID.

The process of getting a tax ID is not at all complicated. But beware of scammers who will offer to get you a tax ID for a price. Take note, tax ID is given out for free by the IRS. So do not be fooled by those artists who would get you to pay a certain amount for a tax ID. Here’s how you get a free tax ID from IRS.

1.Go to the IRS website.

First, search for “Federal Tax Identification Number” using your search engine. Then search among the results for the IRS website. Or you can just simply click this link to the official IRS website. If the website you have entered asks for any payment, then that is not the IRS website.

2.Search for SS-4 form

Search for the SS-4 form on the IRS website, once you see the page you will have then have more access to more in depth information. Then click the link for the online application.

3.Complete the online application

Fill out the Application for Employer Identification; this will probably take five minutes. Click the submit button and your application will then be processed. After that you will be assigned a number.

Getting a tax ID number is necessary if you really want to be in the eBay business. So with the three easy steps, go ahead and get yours today.

Are you ready to get an EIN number for your business?

Don’t waste your money; before you consider paying for a third party service for a Federal Employer Id Number (most run over $100) and running the risk of releasing your personal information to some unknown website probably oversees. Let me show you a better way to get a Tax Id Number. And don’t waste your valuable time searching all over the internet by yourself to figure out the best way to apply for an EIN number. The homework and research has already been done for you. All you have to do is go to and watch a free step by step video and learn how to get your own IRS number for your business within the next 15 minutes.

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Taken on November 19, 2010