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084/366 | by irrezolut
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So. I'm sick. Certifiably. I've crashed out twice because of whatever infection I have and I decided that this time, I was definitely going to the doc.


I could barely put together a cogent thought this morning. My mouth was dry as a desert, my head felt like it was stuffed with packing peanuts soaked in brine and my body felt like I'd just gone half a round with Mighty Thor™.


So I called in to work the second time I woke up (about 8am), then I called the doc and made an appointment. Crashed back out, ended up with about 13 hours of sleep. Dressed, etc. Went to the doc, got some antibiotics and now a bit of a upset stomach (as advertised, a side effect of the meds).


Now then... After I post this pic, I'm going to lay up in bed playing Crisis Core all evening. And crash out again, hopefully early enough to get up and make it to work on time... And if I don't feel like complete shit, I'll go see Andy C., Headrush and Popsicle, Subfocus, et al for the last 5ive DNB Sessions.


( Taken w/ Canon EOS D )

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Taken on March 25, 2008