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So, the end of the year (and winter break :D) approaches quickly, and what a year it has been! It's also almost the 3rd anniversary of when I started here, so yay. The mosaic has some of my highlights from this year, 36 out of 110 builds of 2012. I would normally write up something longer, but I think I'll just keep my review short and sweet.

I really enjoyed 2012 on Flickr, and I'm glad to have stayed another year in this community. Throughout the past year I've really gotten more into the hobby, and I'm afraid I must confess that I am an addict of Lego. In fact, I believe I've spent more money on Bricklink this year than any other. >.>

As I could go on and on naming the individuals here on Flickr who have inspired me and have been awesome in general, I'll just say that you guys make this hobby all the more enjoyable, so thanks. And I can't forget Brickfair of course, that was quite the event. I can't wait to spend another year in the Flickr community, 2013 here I come!


TL;DR- 2ooo12 rocked bitches!


1. Satyr LRV, 2. Group pic, 3. Robot attack! :o, 4. Rattlesnake LAV, 5. L.02 Ballistica Light Frigate, 6. "Sorry Ted!", 7. Enforcer Armsuit, 8. Kingfisher Unit 2.0, 9. Greyhound Unit_00 Strike Team, 10. f_03, 11. ф47625, 12. SubApoc Hardsuit, 13. , 14. Λnvil Unit0, 15. HDR Armsuit, 16. Edge of Dusk, 17. Life form, 18. The Mav, 19. Covert Operation, 20. BFG Suit, 21. Insurgents, 22. Postcard from Nowhere, 23. Tankrollers, 24. Koalition Light Armor, 25. ATR Unit¬22637, 26. LSF 20 "Zorba", 27. Hexabot, 28. 蛇 Heavy Tank, 29. Daemon Inferno Mechanika, 30. NRGJ Drones, 31. Kosako Industrial District Warehouse;Sec.3, 32. Delta Fireteam 7, 33. Kosako NRGJ Drones: EVA Variants, 34. Cerberus VT, 35. V03 Shardstar, 36. Kurōrā Type AD57

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Taken on December 18, 2012