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<Com.log.acc/Aegis:001> | by Ironsniper
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<//:Acc.log-001I Woke up from the cryo-room two or three hours ago. All the other pods were damaged and empty. Thankfully there were still supplies in the chamber, as my pod had also been damaged and I had sustained an injury of shrapnel in my leg (?) during my sleep. The air ducts were on extremely low power it seemed and the air was getting thinner and thinner with each breath. I quickly put on an external space-grav suit and plugged in the oxygen reserve. It looked like there was dried blood on the suit's normally glistening white surface. After putting on the suit, I tried exiting the room. Apparently there was an electrical problem on the ship, as the doors would not slide open. I called for help for at least an hour when I decided it was useless. Where had everyone gone?

I finally realized that no one would come to my aid. I grabbed a power tool that us asteroid miners use so often to drill a hole into the gap between the doors. I grabbed them from the middle and opened the doors to find a dark and empty hallway, devoid of life. There were cracks along the walls and ceiling and what appeared to be damage from firearms (?) I finally arrived to Medical Facility's Room 4E and where I first saw the gruesome sight. There were two dead bodies accompanied by a discarded pistol on top of a stretcher and ammo. What the fuck was going on.. Bullet holes littered one side of the wall and in the middle of the gore was a computer that hummed with power, despite the loss of power in most of the hallways in the ship. Perhaps the computer holds some information on this deep space horror story I appear to have ended up in.




So here's a scene I whipped up in an hour on Sunday and managed to get photographed today; no homework today huzzah for AP classes! Anyway, hope you enjoy the scene and let me know in the comments if you'd like to see this story continued. :)

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Taken on April 23, 2012