Concept Art: Nazi Scoutship Interior

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    Second revision the Nazi scoutship interior design. Art by Jussi Lehtiniemi
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    1. Hirsch heiße ich 61 months ago | reply

      From an artistic point of view it's a nice piece of work. Like the ambiance.
      From a technical point of view though, I really hope that this is one of the really early models of Nazi-spacecraft, i.e. one of those used to reach the moon in the first place. Because if this is supposed to be the interior of one of their "standard" fleet ships, I would find it quite hard to believe that on the one side the Nazis managed to build and maintain a large colony in such a harsh environment as the dark side of the moon, that they not only survived, but obviously have successfully lived there for the past 70+ years and have somehow build an impressive armada of ufos, oh and there's this thing, that we were already told, that the Moon-Nazis have contact to some kind of underground spy network on Earth... but that on the other side they are technically stuck on some kind of "Mechano-Pre-Analogue-Circuitry-Volksempfaenger-Tube-Radio-Steampunk" level and seemingly have completely missed the invention of such things as transistors or modern computers? Meehh, I don't know... It's the year 2018 and stuff... I would at least expect the Nazis to have some Brazil-esque or 1984-ish kind of IT-infrastructure and equipment...
      Okay, I will stop assuming things now without knowing more of the whole plot and just having seen a random picture.
      Iron Sky is awesomely epic so far and I can hardly await it's release. I just hope the Moon-Nazis have a good amount of advanced Wunderwaffen-Weaponry in their arsenals and kick the Earth-fleet's butt big time! :P

    2. Mr. Arthur S. Rowan 61 months ago | reply

      Erittäin hienoa!
      This is how it should look like :)

    3. Seldom Scene Photography 60 months ago | reply

      Given that they're looking out their windows at dark space, the overhead light should really be red (as in submarines) to preserve their night vision.

    4. saicode 60 months ago | reply

      Great stuff!

    5. automaton_be 60 months ago | reply

      I also find a dieselpunk-UFO in 2018 a bit hard to believe. It seems contrived and overstylized to me.
      Yet again, this isn't exactly 'hard' SF so I guess I shouldn't be whining.

    6. The Polisher 60 months ago | reply

      This is a great picture. Simply amazing. Why people are trying to get so technical with art I'm not sure. I believe this could have taken them to the moon in the 40's. Love it..

    7. mark.j.underwood 59 months ago | reply

      Far side of the Moon,... there is no such thing as the dark side of the Moon !

    8. terryoc23 58 months ago | reply

      "From a technical point of view though, I really hope that this is one of the really early models of Nazi-spacecraft, i.e. one of those used to reach the moon in the first place."

      "I also find a dieselpunk UFO in 2018 a bit hard to believe."

      This is all a case of "swallowing a camel, straining at a gnat." The whole idea of Nazis on the moon, using 1940's technology, is absurd to begin with. Once that hurdle is overcome, then I think you must accept everything else. If the British broke the Enigma codes using early electro-mechanical computers, and the computers in the Apollo mission had only about 8K of memory, then Hell, I'm willing to let the Space Nazis use dieselpunk computers.

      I think a far BIGGER issue is that the idea of Nazis on the Moon violates major portions of Nazi cosmology. They believed that the Moon was made of ice, and that the Earth was hollow. If the Moon is not made of ice, that would contradict the word of Adolf Hitler and cause major problems for the Nazi ideologists. If it is made of ice, then there's no metal to construct a fleet of flying saucers. Thus, Nazi refugees would probably not even attempt to land on the surface of the Moon. The interior surface of a hollow Earth, on the other hand, would have plenty of living space for the Master Race to live on. So Nazi flying saucers coming from the center of the Earth makes much more sense.

    9. Random Pixx [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      One of the coolest pieces of concept art I've ever seen. A lot of thought as well as talent and skill went into this.

    10. Random Pixx [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      I'll say it again. Love this artwork.

    11. Random Pixx [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      Don't pick it apart, techies, it's art. The entire film is art. How technically believable is Star Wars??

    12. SCUMMMMMM 47 months ago | reply

      ive never even heard of nazis on the fukin moon thats nuts, but i do like the idea. if the nazis are up there chillin with old ass breathing tubSCUMes and there is no air up there how they stayin alive? but then again they somehow made a topsecret fkying saucer flew that shit through space to get to this ice planet so they could engineer super humans that dont need to breath air so one day hitlers great grandson can come back to earth with super lowtec shlt guns an stuff and take over the hallow planet so we can live underground........

    13. snowmanfight 42 months ago | reply

      This is how it should look and I like it.
      It's a mashup of a Panzer and the space shuttle.
      Dieselpunk, done well.

    14. testing_h 36 months ago | reply

      Nice idea.
      Actually the idea of steampunk makes sense, there is no reason why in isolation the transistor might never have been invented due to impure materials etc.
      Don't forget that in 1940 valves were king, transistors weren't "officially" invented until 1947.

      I'd like to see someone do a film based on the Roswell "incident" though, as this would be truly epic. Say, 21 Dec 2012 the truth is revealed and the film jumps back and forth through time mentioning Tesla, Philadelphia Experiment, etc yadayada conspiracy theory central.

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