TWIST and AMAZE - Sydney, Australia.

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    TWIST and AMAZE recently painted this wall in Sydney's CBD as part of the Art & About Cultural Festival.

    Photos: WellDressedVandals.

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    1. DELIR MF 43 months ago | reply

      Big and stylee!!

    2. KILLER DUSTO 43 months ago | reply

      Fuck yeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad style...

    3. punik. 43 months ago | reply

      thats not even going "bombing" anymore.. thats..... Nuking

    4. LONP_PERS 43 months ago | reply

      super big (Y)

    5. Hotpot Steve 43 months ago | reply


    6. pןɹoʍʞɹoʍʞɔıɹq 43 months ago | reply

      I think all this is summed up by the sly fixie left infront of the 'fillin'. Hipsters go be hip somewhere else thanks.

    7. King Nigarachi IV 43 months ago | reply

      go big or go home

    8. pןɹoʍʞɹoʍʞɔıɹq 43 months ago | reply

      How about just 'go home', he got paid $15,000 to do this sellout crud. Cheap artfag gimmicks.

    9. King Nigarachi IV 43 months ago | reply

      So what. Most of the people
      Who hate on graff artists who sell out ate just buthurt that people aren't payin for their art. I'd say that as long as you keep your priorities straight and actually keep bombing, by all means make that paper! You could also look at it as a way to scam these so called "artfags" out of their money haha

    10. pןɹoʍʞɹoʍʞɔıɹq 43 months ago | reply

      I'm hardly jealous of the money, I don't really care if the public buys graff or not, let alone buys mine. I'm just miffed that if the public wants to pay for graff, they could actually support some amazingly talented people instead. There are miles and miles of writers out there who have spent long, hard decades honing their art, and created amazing, evocative and fresh work. Instead this bozo gets paid $15k to roll into sydney, do a large average ass fillin and a wall of average tags. Why not give that money to Totem2, Revok, Saber, TATS crue, 5MH, artists who by some people's measure ARE 'sellouts', but at least they're actually fucking 'artists'!
      Or god forbid, Sydney city council could have even supported one of our own local talents with that money, instead of flying this clown over. Even though sydney's scene is full of retards, I'm sure they could find someone more deserving of $15,000.
      Look at the reams of dickriders commenting on this picture...
      RIP GRAFF.

    11. King Nigarachi IV 43 months ago | reply

      Never said you were jealous. Twister is a legend in the graffiti world and doing exhibitions isn't going to change that.

    12. AMone UKS 38 months ago | reply


    13. arte suburbano 38 months ago | reply

      ooooo aso si es vidaaa

    14. Prince Aes 37 months ago | reply

      locoooooooo Big.!

    15. OUSI 34 months ago | reply

      wooo! buenísimo!

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