Coolarne, St. Vincents
The Daughters of Charity, a religious order of Catholic nuns, came to Coolarne in 1924 and bought 240 acres of land and Coolarne House from the local landlord James Dillon Meldon. The sisters opened a primary school in 1928 in converted stables behind the convent at Coolarne House.
Later a secondary school was opened which closed down in 1968.
The sisters left the locality in 1974

A new school was built on a site nearby.
The Sacred Heart Missionaries bought the house and some of surrounding lands. On March 17th 1994 Cuan Mhuire was established at the house as a provider of Rehabilitation Treatment for those suffering from addiction and other related issues.

The Daughters of Charity order was founded by St. Vincent de Paul in the 16th century.
A highly distinguishing feature of the order was the wearing of a 'cornette', which consisted of a large starched piece of white cloth that was folded upwards in such a way as to create the resemblance of horns. Because of this headwear, they were often referred to as the 'butterfly nuns'.
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