Open House Dublin Photography Competition 2015
Open House Dublin paired up with Yelp Dublin​ for our photo competition on Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. This year the focus of the competition were buildings that featured in the Open House Dublin 2015 programme.

2015 marked the 10th edition of Open House Dublin (OHD). Since its inception, Open House Dublin has proved its potential to engage with a wide range of our city’s shapers – from general public to policy-makers – highlighting the significant role that architecture can, and has, played in the evolving form of our everyday lives. As OHD reached its 10th birthday, we hoped to take this achievement further. Our intention was to build upon the festival’s annual celebration of the county’s best architecture and to inspire a better understanding of the processes and places that define our rhythms and routines.

In response, Open House Dublin 2015 focused on the theme of domesticity and urban space, under the title of “This Place We Call Home”. Alongside an extensive programme of talks, tours, exhibitions and debates, it was our goal to highlight the buildings of Dublin that have altered our vision of the city, shaped how we live now, and which might inspire new ways of living in the future.

Now is the time to consider the kind of Dublin in which we wish to live, and sustainable, good quality housing is a key factor in this. This was our starting point for Open House Dublin: a consideration of housing, both as individual homes and as part of a much broader context we call urban fabric. We believe that neither one, nor the other, can be completely understood in isolation and that life, as it is lived on a daily basis, does not distinguish the public realm from the domestic space.

Competition Criteria:
Creativity, quality of photograph and relevance to the theme.
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