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Never ending tagging game | by Irene2005
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Never ending tagging game

I was tagged by my good flickr contact Bean* to "spill the beans" (no way I could resist saying that!) on these three categories below - 4 things in each category.

So here goes...


4 places I love to shop (just so you know...I generally don't even like shopping - forget love - but I'll try to come up with 4 places):

1. "Internets" - Amazon and Adorama for sure, other sites as needed. I like being able to research, read reviews, find the best price and, if I decide to get it, do so without actually going to the store. I took it to extreme and bought my car that way 9 years ago when it was not a common practice yet...not with cars.

2. Second hand bookstores - not many around here, but occasionally I find myself in one and it is hard to leave.

3. Any electronic/gadgets places, especially the ones where you are allowed to try, yes, in Apple stores.

4. International food stores of any kind - way more exiting than your regular supermarket.


4 things I love to smell:

1. coffee

2. freshly baked bread

3. brand new book...especially if it is printed on this heavy, glossy paper

4. coffee - or did I already said that?


4 things that make me happy (I am intentionally sticking with the small things here and leaving out my son, parents or friends, but their well being is kind of a prerequisite to enjoying everything else.) :

1. picking up my camera

2. first sip of ice-cold beer on a hot summer day

3. waking up at 4:30 in the morning and realizing I have two more hours to sleep

4. big, fat snowflakes


Now I have to tag 4 other people, but I am going to cheat. Consider yourself tagged, guys...all of you - I am not naming names, no pressure...also you can post SP or any other picture instead. If you feel like it, play along. If not, no will find other ways to get all this information out of you! I think.

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Taken on March 12, 2010