Bloom in Winter

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i'm fucking depressed--I hate all my damn photos. I'm so uncreative right now and I'm in France for god's sake! I haven't been able to think of a story idea/write a good poem in a year or so, and I can't think of any ideas for photos except for this one great idea that is stuck in my head--but i can't execute the idea until august! I have a notebook right by me and nothing--not a story or a photo, is coming. I don't know what's wrong with me, but i feel so horribly uninspired. And going through the archives, I hate all my photos. There are about three that are worth a glance, truly. The only crap I could come up with was this, during spanish class (because i'm a correspondant, i can do what i want during class)

When you shine light through my bones
close all the doors, turn off the engines of cars
you can see my heart beating, rattling
the bars of my ribs--you can hear it screaming to get out, to leap up my throat,
melt into the silky waves of the soul,
and taste the tops of clouds.
It wants to be ephemereal
and at the same time, as strong as a flashing wing of thunder.
If it could, the little heart that is inside of me
would turn off all its metal inferiors,
the ones that churn filth into the air,
and settle like a vacuum on the skyscrapers. It wants to drink the milky
spit of our machines and fold up with all the black smoke,
to become a bat--it plans to fly away unnoticed into the sky,
a sky that is white and clean. But it is now too heavy to ascend,
and must settle back into its perch:
the dark cave above my stomach.
It ruffles its dirty wings and pushes blood through the tips of my fingers--
I think it is shivering, for
it has drunk the city's filth so I can see the stars more clearly.

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  1. Katia d.S 51 months ago | reply

    magnific photo, very beautiful. The contrast is powerful of the green with the skin.

  2. Dew Drop 51 months ago | reply

    You probably are one of the most creative portrait photographers on Flickr. I'm in awe!!!!

  3. svenvanrossen 51 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called On my way to absence, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. Steffens J 49 months ago | reply

    It's Pefect. :D nice image!

  5. Annieke ★ 47 months ago | reply

    oh my god, this is so amazing! great idea too... it's so beautiful! :D she looks so small and innocent..

  6. apperchore 47 months ago | reply

    When you come to a desert, photograph the dunes.

    You are such an amazingly talented creative little shit! Its not often that I envy anyone's work, let alone one so young( not that mine is so great). Just let it flow! When your kind of creativity experiences a dry spell, there is a only a brief lull before the dam breaks.

    I'm so impressed with your postings that I'm as green as your picture.

  7. .Megan.. [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    the greens are beautiful

  8. Helena Amor 43 months ago | reply

    this is absolutely stunning!!

  9. Kevin_oux 39 months ago | reply

    WOW , *-*
    Love that one

  10. labrossephotography 35 months ago | reply

    Wow! Love the green on green, the repetition of from, the contract of her hair and skin against the green. Beautiful

  11. Malik-esque 34 months ago | reply

    Beautiful. Put yourself up and kick ass!!!

  12. Liat Aharoni 18 months ago | reply

    so beautiful!!

  13. Freddy Viera 14 months ago | reply

    My god is perfect!

  14. Ges Rules ♥ 13 months ago | reply

    Love the colors. Fantastic. Brilliant !!

  15. irkajava 7 months ago | reply

    I love the poem more than the photo but the photo is gorgeous as well and I am gonna use it on my desktop during Christmas. Can i buy the prints as cards or something? How do I make cards out of it?

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