Air Marimba
Levy Lorenzo
Air Marimba, 2010

Rosewood, Infrared Distance Sensors, Microcontrollers, Embedded Software

The marimba is one of the oldest and simplest musical instruments. It is played by using a mallet to strike differently sized wooden bars to respectively produce different tones. Reminiscent of a traditional marimba, the Air Marimba is a new electronic musical instrument which is played by manipulating the air above two rosewood bars.

The Air Marimba can exist in installation mode and concert mode. In a gallery exhibit, the viewer is invited to play and explore the instrument but will only have a limited range of musical expressions that he or she can play. However, compositions or improvisations can be performed on the the Air Marimba in a concert setting by a musician who has spent significant time practicing and understanding the instrument's technique.
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