Amami Oshima Island, Japan vol.1
Camping holiday on Amami Oshima Island, Kagoshima, Japan.

Amami Oshima is the main island of the Amami Islands which are a group of subtropical islands located about 400 km south of Kyushu and about 300 km north of Okinawa.

The beautiful sea of Amami is known as a fantastic diving spot, blessed with clear blue waters, coral reefs and tropical fish. Mangoes, bananas, passion fruits, guava and sugar cane are all cultivated on the island.
70% of the island are covered in rainforests which are infested with the deadly habu snakes (pit viper with cobra venom stronger than Okinawan habu's venom).

Amami Oshima is the third largest island of all the Japanese remote islands.
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