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    1. sp_nce [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      I don't know if there will be more updates.. I figure there will be the flash based shuffles recieving a boost in size, colour screen minis based on flash.. and perhaps this elusive video ipod.

      i just checked Mac OS software update and there is no sign of iTunes 5.0 yet. I will let you know folks.

    2. Amber & Adolph 116 months ago | reply

      $250 at Cingular with 2 year contract

    3. Julio_Outerspaciousness 116 months ago | reply

      Cingular is offering it on their site now

    4. sp_nce [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      borograffis, cingular in the US, O2 in the UK, not sure if anywhere else in the world has deals.. but there was emphasis on the word exclusive when i read the articles yesterday.

    5. CrackedButter [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      I wanted a rotary dial on it.

    6. fiveplusfour 116 months ago | reply

      T-Mobile is approaching significant lameness in terms of their phone and greatness in relation to their plans.

    7. sp_nce [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      cracked butter, i believe apples patented click wheel is something they wouldn't want to license out to another company like motorola. especially for a phone... it would be like putting your name on an inferior product..

    8. filmwhiz19 116 months ago | reply

      They just announced a razor version in Japan! Look!

    9. Lucien W. Dupont 116 months ago | reply

      iPod Nano is announced.

    10. fiveplusfour 116 months ago | reply

      ipod Nano sounds sexy.

    11. Kishnel 116 months ago | reply

      iPod Nano sounds pretty stupid in italian... :P

    12. teknojunkie [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      If this is what the brouhaha is all about, the Motorola E815 already has MP3 player capability. The only thing is you just have to load it onto a memory card. Buying tunes directly to your phone isn't that big of a deal, in my opinion. A video iPod, however, is.

    13. sp_nce [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      words copyright to macworld etc..

      iPod nano

      After summarizing the existing iPod product line, Jobs explained that the iPod mini is what all of Apple's competitors are aiming for. Apple is "going to do something pretty bold," he said. Apple is "replacing it with something new."

      Jobs calls the iPod nano "an entirely new ground-up design, that also has 1000 songs in your pocket." The white device features a color display and can support photos, uses a grey click wheel to navigate, and is 80 percent smaller in volume than the original iPod -- thinner than a number two pencil, said Jobs. The iPod nano weighs 1.5 ounces or 42 grams

      Compared to the iPod mini, the iPod nano is half the thickness and 62 percent smaller by volume. It uses a 30-pin dock connector, so the iPod nano plugs in to existing iPod accessories, and can also connect using USB 2.0. It features a 14-hour rechargeable abattery.

      The iPod nano also features a new graphical clock, games, stopwatch and lap timer, and a screen lock that uses the click wheel like a combination lock.

    14. JeroenR 116 months ago | reply

      Engadget: 1:43pm - “Today, we’re gonna focus on the iPod mini.” Most popular mp3 player in the world. “Today, we’re going to do something pretty bold… we’re going to replace it.”

      1:44pm - The iPod nano. 1000 songs.

      1:45pm - It has a color display and a click wheel. Looks like a shrunken iPod photo.

    15. rwclark 116 months ago | reply

      I wasn't particularly excited about this phone to begin with. Why would I want an mp3 phone when I already have an iPod?

      But I want to hear more about this iPod nano...

    16. sp_nce [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      this phone doesn't even come with ear buds. everyone go buy a nano. i'm moving to that photo

    17. fkf 116 months ago | reply

      ugly moto phone! ROKR sucks!

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