Dynamic Spreader (DS)
Winds were strong and gusty here in the spring of 2012. This gave me a chance to experiment with shortened spreader spars on my Levitation delta to reduce line pull and improve flying performance in higher winds.

The 9ft Levitation delta had become my primary kite for KAP in moderate to high winds. I've developed a unique new spreader spar design that I call a "Dynamic Spreader" spar (DS) that adjusts its length based on the wind conditions and increases the Levitation's useful KAP lifting service range from ~12MPH to ~35MPH with a 16oz camera rig and no tail required. I’ve had many hours of flight time in a wide range of wind conditions with the DS and it flies very well.

The Dynamic Spreader design changes the aspect ratio and balance of the kite in high winds. It effectively moves the towing point further forward from the center of pressure which is appropriate for high wind operation.

The dynamic spreader uses P300 spars and weighs appox. 68 grams, essentially the same as the stock spreader that came with my Levitation.

Photo descriptions in this set provide additional details of the dynamic spreader.

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