Open Publishing Lab (OPL) @ RIT
The Open Publishing Lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology participated in the I-Open New York, New England, New Jersey, Cincinnati July 2009 interview trip.

Thanks very much to Director, Matthew Bernius and Graduate students Rachel Gootnick, and Guy Paddock.

You can listen to interviews with Matt Bernius, and OPL Graduate Students at I-Open

Photos by Alice Merkel

More: Founded in the Fall of 2007, the Open Publishing Lab (OPL) at the Rochester Institute of Technology is a unique, multi-disciplinary research organization investigating new methods of content creation and developing innovative, open source applications for digital publishing across various media channels. At the OPL, faculty, staff and students from across the campus collaborate on applications that extend existing publishing platforms, enable new forms of publishing and new business models, and empower people to tell their stories.

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