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IMG_4179 Field Mice

Here are the other three of my four pet field mice on their plastic log, while their sister was climbing on the castle. On the very few occasions that all four were on the log, I didn't have the camera ready.

The mice originally came in to my house from the garden during the summer and decided they liked it here because they could help themselves from my supply of bird food. I got fed up with them tearing holes in the paper sacks and leaving peanuts all over the floor, so I put down the humane trap and caught all four of them. They now live in a large 5 foot by 2 foot fish tank and have as much food as they can eat and plenty of things to climb on. I think they are sisters because they were all very small when they arrived, probably just kicked out of their nest by their mother, and they get on very well together.

A few months ago some more field mice came in from the garden, and one of them has been climbing the stairs at night to get to my kitchen which is upstairs. I draw the line at mice in the kitchen, so the trap is permanently on the floor and the mouse, tempted in by the pecan nuts, is relocated back down stairs. I haven't put the new ones in with the sisters in case they fight. They are living underneath the sideboard on which the big tank sits, and I put food and water down for them. The bird food is now stored in swing bins, and one night one of the mice fell into the peanut bin. I made it wait till I got some photos before I let it out!

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Taken on November 6, 2006