Nude and captured.

Nude photos of two models working with JD of the Two Knotty Boys.

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  • Rob 9y

    Nice effect with the leaves.
  • T 9y

    These are great, but too dark! I suggest mucking around with curves in photoshop.
  • 和窩 8y

    * Body Arts (05/29/2007) (Ming Pao)

    A writer for the website InMediaHK wrote an article on May 11 about the erotic page in the Chinese University Student Press and posted a photograph that showed the nipples of a female. The Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority received one complaint and contacted InMediaHK yesterday to advise them to either delete the photograph or add a warning message. According to the TELA person, failure to do so may result in the photograph being referred to the Obscene Articles Tribunal or directly to the police.

    According to InMediaHK Oiwan Lam (who was the writer of the said essay), a worker at the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority contact her to provide the advice of either deleting the photographing or adding a warning message. The photograph had not yet been forwarded to the Obscene Articles Tribunal. (Why is this point important? That is because TELA is making judgments on its own when that should have the job of OAT).

    Lam said that the photograph was taken from the international photography site 'flickr' (see Nude and Captured") and was an art photograph around which the discussion was totally technical in nature. "It will not arouse immoral, obscene thoughts." Flickr itself has not received any complaints to have the photograph removed. Lam said that she will not remove the photograph, although the InMedia editorial board has not reached a decision yet. She said: "Whether something is a work of art should be determined subjectively instead of just counting how many naughty bits is being exposed."......

    for the details:
  • bupobm 8y

  • ernest.borg9 8y

    Remember Oiwan!
  • Romayne 8y

    This is wonderful, beautiful work.
  • Amber N 8y

    I agree with Tristan C, I love these photos! They're beautiful and evocative, but they're missing one of the things that draws me the most: rich, realistic, vivid colors. Not necessarily bright, but colors that reach out if that makes any sense. The set is amazing though. Good job!
  • ceciyam 8y

    Very good artistic piece. Body is beautiful.
  • Owen Blacker 8y

    Beautiful image. I hope you manage to get your problems with Flickr's stupid censorship campaign and HK's censoriousness sorted out.
    Seen on BoingBoing, aggregated with Netvibes. (?)
  • daemonelson 8y

    Why is this a problem? Children know how to use a television remote, they can turn on a TV and see people getting shot on the news. Heaven forbid they see a woman's nipple
  • ernest.borg9 8y

    Daemonelson-- the problem is not the nipple, it is totalitarianism, plain and simple.
  • JamesLongPDX 8y

    This is a very nice, sweet photo. There is nothing more beautiful than the female form. A ring nebula or supernova is close, but I'm only human. This person is gorgeous! Look at that gentle smile, a kind smile. Upside down like this, she looks a lot like Rita Hayworth.

    Just to set the facts straight, censorship is wrong: If you are offended by something, change the channel, turn the page, or take yourself to the kittens.
  • Michael Turton 8y

    We love you, Oiwan!

  • patricia miranda 8y

    1984 and the big brother...
  • A d r i a n o o o 7y


    For more on the controversy surrounding this photo in China , listen to the 6/12/08 broadcast of Search Engine on CBC:

    It's about half-way through the segment. In it, China comes out with a mixed verdict. Though the woman who blogged using this photo is being tried, the general situation in China is improving. The dissident Wu Wei says in this piece that
    "The internet is the West's greatest gift to China".

    There is a link to a long BoingBoing post discussing this photo there as well.
  • Loupiote 6y

    wow! i just found this photo via this blog:

    this is soooo scary, as the same thing could happen to me. already some of my photos that i marked 'moderate' have been forcibly marked 'restricted' (porn) by flickr. see here:

    my account was never marked 'unsafe' except long time ago, when i posted this story on flickr: . flickr demanded that those 'controversial' photos be marked 'restricted', and i complied in order to get my account restored to 'safe'.

    i agree with everything you write in your blog. my advice: post your photos on your own personal website, this way no censorship can happen. that's what i'm doing now.
  • Ben Shawn 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called CCSexy: Your Creative Commons Photos, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • shava23 4y

    Nips for liberty!

    More seriously, nice work! :)
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Taken on February 17, 2006

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