Porous Prism - El Paso, TX
This public art installation was commissioned by the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department for the 2014 Chalk the Block Public Art Festival.

It was conceived specifically for El Paso, TX, a city which lies on the US-Mexico border, directly adjoined, yet totally split from, Mexico's Ciudad Juarez.

This contextual, interactive art installation transforms the concept of the border between the US and Mexico, represented by the linear chain link fence, into a zone of habitation and play.

It takes the generic, industrial, ugly chain link fence we are accustomed to see as a barrier, and invites us to enter inside of it.

Wrapped up in the colors of the flowers of the desert - yellow, orange, purple and magenta - the boldest representations of life and beauty in El Paso’s landscape, the project turns chain link fence into a celebration.
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