Freedom of Information, v1.0 Boston, history, unfiltered - Figment Boston 2012
My art installation at the Figment Boston art festival on the Rose Kennedy Greenway at Rowes Wharf, July 28 - 29.

Project description:
Located within Boston's historic (brick) core, this monument to the city's founding makes tangible and spatial the experience of unfiltered, intangible information found on the internet.

The installation is a reflection on the disconnected, maybe true, partly false, true, tangential, incomplete and superfluous facts we absorb daily, that lead to chaotic, fictive, composite memories: a lot of time; a lot of data; a lack of a conclusion; gossip. What do you remember?

The 120 bricks are painted balsa wood blocks (between 3.5-8.5 oz) and the rods are painted steel.

Video - Children Playing in It
Video - "Adults" Playing in It
Photos of It by Others
Behind the Scenes (Making It)
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