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Moonrise Kingdom (Fan) Art



I finished it so I could use it/part of it to enter the competition for the Moonrise Kingdom FYC Ad, which I won together with 7 other artists.






6 months later... I have decided to sell the original design as a greeting card, in case anybody wants it. I make no profits from selling greeting cards, that's why I am putting it as a card and not a poster, where I would make a profit, and I don't want to profit from the film.



Text from when I made the one above:


Not sure how these words ("She wore pink. He wore fur.") got into my head, but I decided to try and shape a graphic out of them... seeing so many other people making beautiful drawings related to the film.


The film has really beautiful colors and sounds... (and a much more elegant/dreamy font) but the fur was a nightmare to figure out how to depict/draw.


The transition from a text graphic to an image graphic was not easy. In doing this I realized that these clothes have become amazingly iconic. It has also reconfirmed for me that people, in majority, like/prefer/understand images which have some degree of recognizability.


People like stories about some sort of life form (people, aliens, animals)... and the same is true in drawing and painting. Even in abstract art, the mere suggestion of something organic, some presence of "life," will draw more interest than an image completely devoid of this. By organic I mean all things around us, made by man or nature: machines and buildings included. My bird prints have been much more sought out than my abstract watercolors, which I personally enjoyed more making.


I think though, that the more human presence you have in a story or drawing, the higher the interest. People like stories about people: a subject we can recognize and relate to. Even though we spend a lot of effort searching the cosmos for... well, actually for signs of life... it seems we remain our own best subject of interest. Through this film, Wes Anderson strongly reinforced this idea for me, and shows that it can be done in a way in which there is still space for invention and "wild" creativity.


I have always had a difficult time drawing things from reality, finding them uninteresting since they already exist (except for portraits/people's faces which are complex), so this was a good exercise in terms of pushing to get away from an abstract idea into something more tangible (human friendly). I did not want to draw the actors because I feel that you already see them in the film, and, more importantly, their faces are not the subject of the "pink" "fur," but I did succumb to depicting some of the objects, and now I know one way to depict fur!


Looking at it now, after finishing it, I notice a symbolism I hadn't been aware of. I put her up above, because she is often looking down from higher up with her binoculars. And I put him in the grasses because he's mostly on the ground, and the hat goes with the grasses, being an animal. But her dress, and floating above, makes her look angelic, and him, more like an animal, and I wonder if that was an intended symbolism in the film... woman vs man.


Also, I think this is the only fan poster I've seen showing rain. The drops kind of look like tears. The rain was so memorable to me because of the context in which I watched the film (Visiting Boston/Cape Cod, after a week of rains and my art project at a festival cancelled because of the rain and winds... the film felt like an extension of my week).


I don't consider this to be finished, but I couldn't spend more time on it. I actually think it needs a bit more work.



The following song fits quite well feeling-wise, though not if you follow the text word by word:

Michael Leviton's "Summer's the Worst"... summer love gets you down




While I have been reading that a lot of people are claiming this to be their favorite Wes Anderson film, I have to still stick with Bottle Rocket... followed by The Royal "Family"... I don't know what it is, but I don't switch out favorite films that easily or quickly. Might have to watch it another couple of times and then will see...

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Taken on August 14, 2012