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Cell phone accident and my son was almost killed. The year was 2001.

This shows what happens when your hit by someone on a cell phone while driving!!! My wife was sitting at a redlight when a jerk talking on his hands free cell phone going at 50 MPH rear ended my wife because he was not paying attention to the road. Life is so much more important than a cell phone call!!!!!! My son suffered a severe brain injury in this accident and I have gone round and round with myself whether to post these pics. As a public announcement I have decided too, but it is heart wrenching for my wife and I to look at these and see the blood in the car and relive this moment. My oldest was the one in the accident, (Patrick) and as you can see in the pics I have posted he is doing fine now after a long 5 year road of doctors and therapy, and tutors. PLEASE, WHEN YOUR DRIVING PULL OVER TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION, SAVE A LIFE BECAUSE IT COULD BE YOURS THAT YOUR SAVING. PS- By the way the driver of the Ford Expedition that was on his phone received a 200.00 fine and went on with his life. Think about that, but if my son would of died like he almost did the driver of the Ford was going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

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Taken on April 28, 2001