How to ride a rainbow

Toronto, Canada. **You never know what you'll see while picking up some fruit at the corner store. I bumped into this guy who had just finished decking his bike out with some swatches. Awesome idea!

  • intrepidacious 5y

    Wowee! Thanks everyone. This photo has come back to LIFE again! Thanks for the <3. Peace.
  • James Sconfitto 5y

    that is flipping sweet!
  • Ð e r e k 5y

    That's Feleepe's bike!

    Met him at the '09 ice bike race but he wasn't riding this one. Instantly recognized the steel saddle and hollow grips.
  • intrepidacious 5y

    Thanks Derek!! Yes-- that's a beautiful frame he's got there. I thought it was one of those custom made bikes that used to be sold on Harbord, but not sure. Maybe a Litespeed? It IS a beauty. Heard that someone stole his bike one day, and he found it again 2 hours later after the jerk rode past Ideal coffee. He got his bike back. Wowee!
  • McLean Mashingaidze-Greaves 5y

    I saw that bike in TO last week....I think in Leslieville. Love it!
  • peterr.h 5y

    Nice accessory; I would totally do that if I had the right bike.
  • dave.ghent 5y

    Cool idea!
  • Georgette 5y

    Wonderful shot!
  • LAuderdale// 4y

    haha !!!!!!!! that's so coo !! wish i could see it in action !!!
  • kevin caudill 4y

    art award
    please tag with:
  • Dowopwop-Thanks for all invites, awards,comments! 4y

    art award
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  • intrepidacious 4y

  • intrepidacious 4y

    Wowee! Thanks for all the Tumblr posts! :)
  • The Tornado Family 4y

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cheneliusmaximus 3y

    does anyone have any info on this bike ? like what size frame it is or is it a road or mountain bike ?
    i love it.
  • intrepidacious 3y

    It's definitely a custom bike. There used to be a bike shop that made these frames but they closed. Never really talked to the guy, but his name is Feleepe. Let me see if I can't get more info on the bike for you. :)
  • Matt J 2y

    Ah but can you ride it fast enough for the colours to merge into white? :-)
  • Jane Riley 16d

    This is a great idea to do with extra swatch cards. I have collected a variety of swatch cards for myself. I would really like to do something artistic with them. There are many artistic people out there that are able to think of something. I will need to look into what I can do for myself.
  • Matt J 15d

    Sorry, can someone explain why people think having no brakes is cool? Sooner or later you're going to need to stop in a hurry, it won't look so great under a truck.
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