Hamilton No. 7 Porter
Hamilton No. 7 Porter Patent Extension-Front Steel-Run Double Tier Cabinet

phew, that's a mouthful.

Manufactured by Hamilton and found on page 1027 of the 1906 ATF Desk Book.

According to Hamilton, the “extension front” allows cases to be pulled out further without needing to pull a lower case for support. (It’s a good idea to anyway.)

This older style cabinet—which predates Hamilton’s “New Departure” series of the 1920s—can be identified by the wooden spanner halfway down the cabinet. It occupies the height of one case, so rather than this being a standard 48 case cabinet, it instead holds 46.

A bit of a hodgepodge of cases, most are contemporary to the cabinet, with the old style, squared Hamilton pulls, no routing for slip-in case labels, and as noted in the 1906 ATF listing, brass case labels could be affixed for $.05 each, and were. Most of the cases with old style pulls have their brass label holders.

Built of ash, and fully paneled, it is a lovely piece of composing room furniture.

The model of the working top is as yet unidentified. Rather than sit on irons, it is an integral unit more like those produced a decade later in the teens and 20s. It has both front and back and would mean this cabinet would not be placed back to wall for full usage.
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