SNA Holiday Poster
sitting on the steering committee, I volunteered to print some flyers up.

18 & 36pt ATF Fry's Baskerville, 72pt Tudor Black, massive ATF Flemish Border, 48pt Greco Bold Italic, and some 24pt DGTF Garamond 459.

wrote the "copy" in the morning, set rough sizes, and line breaks in Helvetica, and sent it out for approval.

comments back, started pulling galleys and thinking about size, style, and typographic cohesion. the scotch rules top and bottom were a late addition to establish solid margins. the tail ornament swapped out as the first was damaged. it's replacement wasn't perfect either. it's ok.

9.5" x 25" ~40 2c copies on white Hahnemühle “Ingres” 100gsm.
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