12x18 C&P Craftsman Platen - SN. RD1550
interrobang celebrated 20 years of design and presswork in 2012, having managed to squeeze some pretty fine work out of a C&P Old Style 8x12, and a Vandercook SP15.

February 27th we took delivery –at no small expense– of a 12x18 Chandler & Price “Impression Control Craftsman” platen press built in 1941.

Purchased from a seller in Vancouver, British Columbia, it had sat in a warehouse unused for six years after having traveled to the PNW from Chicago.

Entire press seems to be in very good, possibly re-built condition. At some point it was entirely repainted. Entirely repainted. No masking tape was harmed in coloring this press.

Missing parts, and sustaining some damage, I set things right to the extent I’ve been able.

This set chronicles the refurbishment of what has proven a fine press, and a HUGE upgrade in capabilities at interrobang.
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