– a tiny division of interrobang letterpress –
A “Blue Streak” “Two-In-One” Model 31, Serial no. 55542. Built sometime late June or early July 1942. Runs 5.5–14pt faces in standard 90-channel magazines, and unusually, 72-channel display magazines. A brand new mold disk is fitted with four molds for 5.5–14, 10–14pt recessed, 18–24 two-letter/18–24 single-letter, 30–36pt single-letter. 42pt casts on 36.
It goes big-ish.

Building a collection of some unusual matrices. Aldus with italic and small caps. Trump Mediäval with italic, and with bold. Caslon Text. Display sizes of Dwiggins’ Metrothin, Metrolite, Metromedium. Erbar’s Light Cond with Bold Cond from 10–42pt. Much else.

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