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Image from page 435 of "Canadian forest industries 1886-1888" (1888)

Title: Canadian forest industries 1886-1888

Identifier: canadianforest188688donm

Year: 1888 (1880s)


Subjects: Lumbering; Forests and forestry; Forest products; Wood-pulp industry; Wood-using industries

Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Southam Business Publications

Contributing Library: Fisher - University of Toronto

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4 THE CANADA LUMBERMAN. August, 1887 THE SPANISH RIVER DISTRICT. A correspondent writing to The Timberman from Detroit, says :—Now that pine in Michigan is being more and more controlled by wealthy corporations and syndicates, those who have exhausted their supply are turning their atten- tion elsewhere. Many of our Michigan men have invested in Canada, especially in the Georgian Bay region. Buswell & Co., formerly of Wyman, Buswell &Co., Grand Haven, have a very large limit on the Spanish river and are now manufacturing there, having taken their mill from Grand Haven to that point. This firm controls by purchase all the available room for mill sites at the mouth of Spanish river. But Mr. Buswell says that any one purchasing on that stream and wishing to manufacture, can secure a site of them at much less cost than theirs. They have and will cut about 7,000,000 feet of lumber this season which runs from thirty-five to forty per cent, better than common. I find that lumber from this part of the country has a good class of common. The Cutler and Savidge Lumber Co., Spring Lake, owns an extensive limit adjoining that of Buswell & Co. The Spanish River Lumber Co., owned by Albany and Bay City parties, has been operating at that point for some years, marketing their lumber at Albany, Buffalo and Ogdensburg. Timber on that stream, as well as on other streams, is sold at auction at so much for a limit or the privilege of cutting. An addi- tional charge of seventy-five cents a thousand is made as crown tax when the timber is cut and in the water. The gentlemen operating on Spanish river speak well of the treatment re- ceived from the government, and say that there is enough timber on this stream to keep all the mills in Muskegon sawing for the next ten years. One of the best harbors in the country is at this point, being sheltered by numerous small islands, and at the same time having an abundance of water. The running of the logs in the stream is said to be comparatively easy. Spanish river is also the name of the Cana- dian Pacific railway station where you take and leave the cars going to and from the Buswell and Spanish River Co's mills. Since the rail- road has been completed logging is much cheaper. I was informed that lumber, which sells readily in the Chicago market for $17 and $18, is put in pile there at a cost not to exceed $9. THE EXPORT BUSINESS. Shipments to the River Platte for the first half of the present year show a marked increase over exports of last year. In detail the figures are as follows :— 1887. 1886. White pine 27,816,000 8,015,000 Spruce 17,550,000 12,232,000 Pitch pine 36,768,000 23,750,000 Oak and ash.... 645,000 370,000 Other woods.... 2,906,000 1,319,000 There are now one cargo afloat, loaded at the port of New York, with 575,000 feet bound for Buenos Ay res. At Portland, seven vessels are loading, and will carry out about 4,650,000 feet. At Boston, five vessels are loading, and the total amount to be shipped is not far h orn 2,600,000 feet. The shipments from Montreal are increasing, and June 10 there were 17 vessels loading, with a carrying capacity of about 11,575,000 feet. One vessel is loading at (Quebec with about 1,000,000 feet; two at Calais with a total of 825,000 feet ; one at St. Margaret's bay with 375,000 feet, and one at Bridgewater with 325,000 feet. In southern ports, two vessels are loading at Brunswick with 825,000 feet ; 12 at Pensacola with 7,025,- 000 feet ; one at Tacoma with 975,000 feet, and one at Port Moody with 555,000 feet. Almost the entire list enumerated is destined for Buenos Ayres ; a few cargoes going to Montevido and Rosario. ADVERTISEMENTS. — For months past the demand for bill stuff has been something phenomenal. Interior mills, accessible to the right kind of timbers have been filling bill stuff" orders since away back last fall, and to all appearances they are as full of busi- ess as ever. THOSE wishing to BUY or SELL TIM- BER LANDS, LUMBER or SECOND HAND MACHINERY will find The Can- ada Lumberman an excellent medium in which to make known their wants. Advertise- ments of this character will be inserted at the low rate of i^c. A WORD, cash to accom- pany the order in every case. Address A. G. MORTIMER, Publisher, Peterborough, Ont. TIMBER LIMIT FOR SALE—WOULD take property in part payment. Box 2, Lumberman office. HEADING and Shingle Mill—Running in good shape ; near railway station ; timber abundant. D. SPENCE, Guelph. FOR SALE — SAW, SHINGLE AND PLANING mill—stave and heading factory also good residence. Address Box 7, LUMBER- MAN office. TIMBER Lands and Timber Limits for sale in Muskoka and on the Georgian Bay. For further particulars apply to GORDON & SAMPSON, Solicitors, 28 Scott St., Toronto. TIMBER Lands by Tender—Tenders will be received up to 10th July for purchase of valuable section of timber lands in Bruce—no Government dues. For particulars apply to Box 38, Mail Office. SASH AND DOOR FACTORY—FULLY equipped ; in running order ; adjoining two railways ; liveliest town in Ontario ; splendid opportunity for a business or practical man. Address Box 13. Lumberman office. ATTENTION — THREE HUNDRF.D ACRES timber land—one mile from station North Simcoe railway—will sell cheap or ex- change for good general store and stock ; timber will pay for property twice over. Box 16, Lum- berman office. LUMBERMEN and Speculators Attention— For Sale—half interest in fifty square miles timber limit on Turtle Lake, near Battleford ; North-Western railway will pass the property ; timber estimated at twenty-five million feet ; to raise money ; will sell cheap or take other pro- perty in Ontario for part. GEO. COOTE & SON, Dundas. STEAM SAWMILL AND 1,250 ACRES land—of which 900 acres are in one block — timbered with pine, cedar, tamarac, hemlock and hardwood—mill only up about six months ; new engine with locomotive boiler, all in good running order ; only three miles to water where lumber can be shipped. Address Timber, Lumberman office. s FOR SALE. ECOND-HAND Stave, Heading, Shingle Churn, Hoop and Ice Machines, Box 110, Cleveland Ohio. IRON AND STEEL RAILS. AQUANTITY of Second-hand Rails 20, 30 and 40 lbs to the yard. For Sale Cheap— In good order for re-laying. JOHN J. GARTSHORE, 49 Front St. West, TORONTO. FOR SALE. ASTEARNS No. 2 Circular Mill, Friction Feed, with five head blocks, carriage and track for long timber ; two 60-inch Hoe patent and one solid saw, all in first-class condition. Address HENRY HOWARD & CO., Port Huron, Mich. FOR SALE. pilAIR MACHINERY—A Full Set Cane \j Seat Chair Machinery, $.350, cash. Box 110 Cleveland, Ohio. FOR SALE. STEAM SAWMILL—Carriage Steamfeed, Capacity 60,000 feet day and night, situated on the Ottawa River, east of Pembroke 4 miles, fitted up with improved machinery, run 10 months ; siding from C.P.R. into; yard about 10 acres of land in connection ; seven dwelling houses ; boarding house and blacksmith shop ; limit well timbered, white and red pine, tama- rack, cedar, hardwood, &c.; area of limit 25 square miles. Apply to JAS. B. DICKSON, Pembroke, P.O., Ontario. FOR SALE. »ECOND-H AND Tight Barrel Stave an-i ) Heading Outfit, Cheap. Address BOX 110, CLEYELAND, O. TIMBER AND LAND SALE. CERTAIN lots and the timber thereon situate in the Townships of A lan, Assiginack, Bidwell, Billings, Carnarvon, Campbell, Howland, feheguiandah, Teb- kummah and Mills on the Manitoulin Nland,'in the District of Algoma. in the Province of Ontario, will be offered for sale at Public Auction in blocks of 200 acres, more or less, on the first day of September litxt, at 10 o'clock. A.M., at the Indiin Land Office in the Village of Manitomaning. Terms of Sale—Bonus for timber payable in caah, price of land payable in cash, a license fee also payab'e in cash and dues to be paid according to Tariff upon the-timber when cut. The land on which the timber grows to be sold with the timber without conditions of settlement At the same tia-e and pla e the Merchantable Timber of not less than nine inches in diameter at the butt, on the Spanish Kiver reserve and French River lower Re- serve will be offered for sale for a cash bonu, and annual ground rent of 81,00 per square mile, aod dues to be paid on timber as cut, according t Tariff of this U< partment. For full particulars t lease apply to Ja«. C. Phipps, Esq.,Indiau Supt. Manitowaning, or to the undersigned No other paper to insert this advertisement without authority through the Queen's Printer. L. VAXKOUOHXET. Deputy of the Supt. Geul.. of Indian Affairs. Department of Indian Affairs, Ottawa, 2nd June, 1SS". $1.25 SCRIBNER'S LUMBER and LOG BOOK, and the CANADA LUMBERMAN for one year, sent, post paid, on receipt of $1.25. This book contains tables for finding the correct measurement of scantlings boards, planks, cubical contents of square and round timber, saw-logs by Doyle's rule, stave and heading bolt tables, cord wood, prices of lumber per foot, speed of circular saws, weights of wood, strength of rope, felling of trees, growth of trees, tables of wages by the month, price of standard logs, interest tables, etc., etc., to which is added 60 pages of new tables, making 160 pages in all. It is the most complete book of the kind ever published. It is worth many times the price of the subscription, and no lumberman or wood-worker can afford to be without it. JAS. LACY & COMPANY CANADA DOCK, LIVERPOOL - ZEZlSTG-L^ZlSTID Are prepared to buy all classes of HARDWOOD LUMBER Either in the Log or Dimension Stuff, for prompt cash. OFFERS INVITED. BUTTERWORTH & LOWE GRAND RAPIDS


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MICH., U.S.A. Manufacturers of Logging Cars, Logging Trucks, Pole Road Cars, Wheels, Chilled and Unchilled, Flat-faced and Concave, for euery description of Logging Road.



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Taken circa 1888