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Image from page 96 of "Armstrong Nurseries" (1952) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 96 of "Armstrong Nurseries" (1952)

Title: Armstrong Nurseries

Identifier: armstrongnurseri1952arms

Year: 1952 (1950s)

Authors: Armstrong Nurseries (Ontario, Calif. ); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection

Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) California Catalogs; Nursery stock California Catalogs; Fruit trees California Catalogs; Ornamental trees California Catalogs; Shrubs California Catalogs; Flowers California Catalogs; Plants, Ornamental California Catalogs

Publisher: Ontario, Calif. : Armstrong Nurseries

Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library



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Text Appearing Before Image:

Avocad OS Healthful & Delicious Few fruits, if any, are more delicious or as rich in food value as avocados. In addition to their wonderful rich nutlike flavor and high protein content, they are one of the best natural sources of vitamin A which can be found. Everyone knows that avocados are recognized as the "King of Salad Fruits," but you can give yourself a variety of mouth-watering treats by using them in other ways, too. Used alone or in combination with cheese, meat or eggs, they make a delectable filling for sandwiches. Anaheim Tall, Slender Tree-Heavy Bearing A favorite with growers because it is probably the most prolific bearer of all varieties. The attractive oval, glossy green fruit is large and uniform in size. Although it is not of superb quality, it is a good market variety and profitable because of the extremely heavy crops. Its tall, slender habit of growth makes Anaheim valuable for inter-planting or for home planting where space is limited. Especially good in coastal or adjacent areas. May to August. 28°. 7300—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10. Duke For Interior Valleys and Colder Areas One of the finest of all avocados for home planting in the colder interior districts. It is an oval, green fruit which looks like a small Fuerte and is much larger than the average thin-skinned variety. A mild, pleasant flavor and smooth, dear flesh. Any surplus sells well on the local market for it is a fine appearing fruit. Duke will grow almost anywhere in the valleys of California from the northern end of the Sacramento Valley to the Mexican border, and the tree is large, vigorous, and beautifully foliaged. It is not a good bearer in the coastal districts, and does not always set a full crop each year in other areas, nevertheless it is one of the fastest growing trees of any avocado variety and for a large home shade tree in the interior areas it is unexcelled. Ripens September-October. 22°. 7305—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10.


Text Appearing After Image:

Fuerte—the leading commercial Avocado in California Edranol A Fruit of Fine Quality The dark green, pear-shaped fruits have a delicious, rich nutty flavor and the flesh is smooth and buttery without fiber and without dis- coloration when fully ripe. The seed is small so you get more for your money. The tree is a slender, vigorous upright grower, ideal for door- yard planting, and in most districts starts to bear when young and continues to bear heavily every season. It has done best in the interior regions, showing some bearing deficiencies in the coastal areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties. Resembling Fuerte, the fruit ripens in late spring and summer which gives it a great marketing advantage. Because of its fine quality, and since it is hardier than most of the "thick-skins" it has a permanent place among the top avocados. May to August. 26°. 7310—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10. Hass A Big Producer of Summer Fruit This medium size, purplish black avocado has jumped to the fore in the past several years and is now probably the leading summer-ripening commercial avocado, particularly in the coastal and foothill areas. The fruit has a rough skin, is elongated oval in shape, and is fine-flavored and generally high in quality. It has one of the longest ripening seasons in avocados, fruit maturing from May through October. An extremely heavy bearer in almost all sections—not only once in a while but every year. Since its introduction, the Calavo Society has been rating it higher each year. Now it is near the top of the list of recommended varieties. Plant Pat. No. 139. 26°. 7325-$8.00 each, $75.00 per 10. Hellen A Big Tree Bearing Lots of Fruit Quickly This variety certainly does produce well and without delay. You are likely to have some fruit the first year after you plant. It is a pear- shaped fruit of medium size, dark green, with a pebbled, leathery skin which peels off perfectly. It is of very fine flavor and quality, and has brought much higher than average prices on the market. The big spreading tree is one of the fastest growing and largest of all avocado trees. It has performed well in the coastal districts and is probably good in all foothill districts. Ripens August to October. 26°. 7335—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10. Jalna A Good Hardy Thin-Skinned Variety A thin-skinned Mexican variety with green pear-shaped fruits of splendid quality. Wherever we have observed it the trees have borne heavy crops and the tree is one of the most beautiful of all avocados in appearance—spreading, symmetrical, with handsome luxuriant foliage, we are quite enthusiastic about this variety because we have seen many - or 3-year-old trees literally hanging full of beautiful fruit, and we never fail to enjoy the fine quality and flavor. It has little competition in the early winter-ripening season. November-December. 22°. 7340—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10. 95 Fuerte The Variety Most Widely Planted Commercially Because of irs high quality, heavy production, good marketability, winter-ripening season, and frost resistance, no variety exceeds it. According to market reports published by the Calavo Association, over 80 per cent of the avocado fruit marketed yearly is Fuerte. It is being grown successfully in all avocado districts, but produces best in the foothill areas intermediate between the coast and the hottest interior valleys. The fruit is pear-shaped, of medium size with a smooth green leathery skin and creamy yellow, buttery flesh—ex- ceptionally fine in quality. The tree is large and spreading, rather than upright, and it makes a very attractive ornamental. The fruit ripens from late fall until early spring, and hangs on a long while after maturing. Although not as hardy as the thin-skinned Mexican kinds, Fuerte is considerably hardier than most avocados. We have checked many new strains of Fuerte, and believe that the Newman strain which we offer is the best. Ripens December to May. 24°. 7315—$6.50 each, $60.00 per 10. Mr. John A. Armstrong, Vice President and General Man- ager of the Armstrong Nurseries, admires the big crop set on a young tree of Edranol



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