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Image from page 507 of "Florists' review [microform]"

Title: Florists' review [microform]

Identifier: 5205536_24_1

Year: (s)


Subjects: Floriculture

Publisher: Chicago : Florists' Pub. Co

Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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I ITS POPULARITY NOT WANING. Only Poor Sorts Overdone. You will hear every now and then from some grower of peonies that the peony business is overdone, or soon will be. Yet this is true: It is already overdone in a way, and that way is growing the poorer varieties in large quantities. It is surprising to hear the encomiums passed by dealers on worth- less peony flowers, sorts that should not be grown and offered at this day. Can it be true that the nurserymen, who no doubt distribute more of this product than all others combined, fight shy of the good varieties on account of their cost and praise up and push the sale of the poor varieties, on which they can make a profit that puts Standard Oil to shamef If a dealer's standards are to be gauged by the profits alone in the business of handling ornamentals, then that man has missed his calling. The soap or fertilizer business, while not yielding as many shekels, would prob- ably give him more ease of conscience. This reminds me of a story that was related at a nurserymen's banquet by one of the craft. He said he had a dream about Mr. A, the president of the association, and Mr. B, one of the little fellows who keeps in the back- ground. In the course of the dream B appears before St. Peter and seeks admission through the pearly gates. St. Peter informs him most emphatically that no nurserymen need apply; that it is a fixed rule; all nurserymen whom- soever are denied admission. While B is lamenting his fate, along comes A, seeking admission. "Certainly," says St. Peter, "walk right in." B turns sharply to St. Peter, saying, "You just told me that no nurserymen were ad- mitted and I see the gates thrown wide open for A." "Yes," replies St. Peter, "but he's no nurseryman; he just thinks he is.'' Not in your day, nor your son's day, nor your son's son's day will the peony business be overdone. But this will happen: The buyer will say to Mr. Dealer who offers him Chinensis Kosea, Nobilissima, Fragrantissima, etc.: '' Nay, nay, Pauline! None of these! I wUl buy an Asa Gray or Mile. Bousseau in- stead. '' There is no question but that up to the present time most of the peony roots that have been distributed to planters should have gone into the discard. Notes of the Season. The blooming season this year was twelve days behind 1908. The earliest variety to bloom, L'Esperance, opened May 28. Last year this same variety opened May 16. Another thing happened. Last year the blooming season, from the earliest This l8 the first installment of a paper by John M. Good, to be complete In two parts.— Editor's Note. to the latest, extended over thirty days, while this year this time was cut ten days. Another matter that attracted pro- nounced attention was the fact that the plants that were protected failed to bloom. To illustrate: A couple of thou- sands of 3-year plants of Mt. Blanc when protected with clover chaff did not bear a single bloom, while the same variety and same aged plants without this pro- tection were a perfect sea of bloom and just a few yards apart. This applied to all varieties alike. Can some one ex- plain whyt Observations on Merit and Demerit. In going over our fields I made the following notes with regard to varieties: Achille (Calot)—This is the Ameri- can Marie Lemoine. The man who sells it under that name should be stood up and lectured. Andre Lauries (Crousse)—Deep rose color, a good low-priced variety on ac- count of its being the only one of this color and being a late bloomer. Terry's Grandiflora and James Vick are both seedlings of this and show no variations that we can detect. Asa Gray (Crousse)—This was win- ner oVer all competitors at two local shows; flesh pink, mottled carmine. Albert Crousse (Crousse;—This, to our way of thinking, is a superior vari- ety to any of its color. Every flower comes perfect; color an even, solid En- chantress or seashell pink. If there is a better one of this color, trot it out. Agida—Where a bright line of color is needed this has no superior that we know of; semidouble, bright red. Boadicea—This is one of the superb things in peonies that is floating around without any one knowing where it comes from. Not as free as we would like it. Late; white with carmine blotches; high built flower; superb. Brennus—A good double dark red; not so deep in color as L'Ecletante. Berlioz (Crousse)—A light shade of red tipped with silver; large flowers and free. Canari (Guerin)—A good peony with fleshy white guards and light yellow cen- ter; strong grower. You will not dis- appoint any one in selling them this va- riety. Charlemagne (Crousse)—After three showers in as many days, the sun com- ing out after each rain, this variety sim- ply said good-bye till next year; it has too many petals to open properly. Dorchester (Richardson)—In a class by itself for extremely late light-col- ored pinks; fine; every bloom erect. Due de Wellington (Calot) — Out- classed, in our estimation, by many other whites. Dr. Boisduval (Guerin)—We know of no better dark velvety red; large double flower; stock scarce. Dessert says this is like Delachei. We have Delachei from several growers in this county. The flowers are semidouble and by no means


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Peony Mme. Enule Gallc



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