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Image from page 1108 of "Florists' review [microform]" (1912) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 1108 of "Florists' review [microform]" (1912)

Title: Florists' review [microform]

Identifier: 5205536_24_2

Year: 1912 (1910s)


Subjects: Floriculture

Publisher: Chicago : Florists' Pub. Co

Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign



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Text Appearing Before Image:

NOTBMBBB 11, 1000. The Weekly Florists^ Review* 97 BALTIMORE. The Market There has been a good business done in chrysanthemums this fall, but that the supply has exceeded all demands is indi- cated by the low average prices main- tained. Stores and market stalls have been full, and the street dealers have had quantities to sell through the entire sea- son. There seems to be a scarcity of extra fine stock, the general run being of medium grades. There will be one com- mon note of satisfaction when they are over. In quality and size some have ex- ceeded anything seen here before. As to the profits in their cultivation, many growers believe the smaller sizes are more satisfactory than the giants, which find few uses, except for large decora- tions. Roses are in excess of daily demands, but the quality is advancing, and several shippers are sending in stock they are entitled to be proud of. Carnations are more plentiful, and move fairly well. Violets are neither abundant nor fine. The weather has been variable, but generally bright some portions of each day. There have been no rains and few fogs. We have had several heavy frosts which nearly caught some of the growers who were taking chances on the weather report. There have been some large weddings, which called for some extra fine stock. The fashionable balls will soon begin. The funeral work makes up a large pro- portion of the daily business. Q. Springfield, Mass. — Lewis Daniel Robinson, Jr., was married November 3 to Miss Edna Smith Nash, of Ludlow, Mass. They will return, after the wed- ding trip, to their home at 175 North Main street and will be at home to their friends after January 1. Cyclamen Best strain in Cultivation 4-in. potB $ 26.00 per 100 5-in. pots 50.00 " 6-in. pots 75.00 " 7-in. pota 100.00 " THOMAS ROUND, Nahant, Mass Mention The Review when you write. Important flowering, foliage and Decorative Plants for Immediate Delivery Also a fine list of Christmas and Easter Plants Write for our descriptive catalogue, sent free. A. SCHULTHEIS 816 19th St. COLLEGE POINT, N. T' JOHN SCOTT Rutland Road and E. 4Stli St., BROOKLYN, N. Y. Palms, Ferns gPecoratlYB Plants Always mention the Florists' Review when writing; advertisers. Prepare For Thanksgiving —AND- REMEMBER A good TUNE COMES out of AN OLD FIDDLE Do you want to be Buited? Do you need advice? To whom will you go? Certainly to the wise, experieneed, well- known head, who got gray- headed in the many years of service in his profession, the florist business. Godfrey Aschman, the Philadelphia hustler, ia the man who makes a special study of the wants of his customers. He always hits the nail on the head, he knows the pocket book, the means and the exact wants of his customers and raises his plants for them accordingly. TESTIMONY FROAI MICHBLL. I personany visited Mr. Aschmann's greenhouses September 21,19C9, and found that the Aran- cariaa. Begonia Gloire de Lorraine, Boston, Wbitmani, Scottli^Amerpohlli, Todeaoldea ferns, Kabber Plants, Kenttas and Arecas are indeed A No. 1. Have never seen any better plants. The Gloire de Lorraine begonias in 6-in. pots are a perfect wonder, bushy and clean. Have never seen bis greenhoufiefi filled with plants as good as they are now. F. J. MicHELL, of the firm of henry F. Michell Co., 1018 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa. Four Houses Filled with the Best. With What? Sure, with ARAUaRIAS, Our Specialty Simon Mardner, Yervaeneana, Deutsche Perle and five or six more American favorite varieties. 60c, 75c. $1.00, $1.26. $1.80. $2.00 to $2 50 each. Ferns, Scottii, 4-in., 25c; 5, i^ to 6-in., 35c, 40c to 50c. Ferns. Nepbrolepis Todeaolde» and Boston, 6, bht and 6-in. pots. 86c, 40c, 60o Wbitmani, 7 in., as big as a wash tub. 76c to $1.00. Boston, Scottii and Todeaoides, 7-in., 76c to $1.00 each, as big as a wasbtub. Ferns. WilEoni, bushy, 3 ferns In a 6-in. pan, 26c and 35c per pan. Frlmnla Kewensls,new yellow novelty, rapid grower, flower will last for months, 4-in., Ific: 5in., 20c. Primnia Cbinensls. John F. Rupp's best strain, assorted, 4-in., 10c; 5'4-in., $2.50 per doz. Adlantam Hybridom, very valuable for cat- ting; 4-in., 15c; 3 in.. 10c. Asparagna Plnmosns Nanns, 2>a-in. pots, $3.00 per 100; 8-in. pou. $6.00 per 100; 4-in. pots.


Text Appearing After Image:

More in favor than Araucarias our specialty, ever before. We are one of the largest Importers of these well-known and beautiful evergreen decorative plants, the Arancaria Robasta Compacta, Exoelaa Glanca and Excelsa. Arancaria Kobnsta Compacta, real beau- ties, hard to beat. 4-vr.-old, 6-in. pots, 16 to 26 in. high, $1.25, $1.50 to $1.75 each. Arancaria Fxcelsa Glanca, the most at- tractive of the Araucaria family. This is the blue green variety, combining grace and beauty, and is much admired; 4-yr.oTd, 6 in. pots. 4, 6 and 6 tiers, 18, 20 to 25 in. high, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 to $2 00 each. Areoa Lintescens, 4-in., made up of 3 plants, 26c; &-in., made up of 3 plants, 35c. Arancaria Excelsa, 1909 importation, in sizes as herewith stated: 5^2 to 6 in. pots, 3-yr. old. 4, 5. 6 and 7 tiers, 18, 20. 22, 24, 26 to 30 in. high, 60c, 75c, $1.00, $1.25 to $1.50 each. Sago Palm, or Cycas Revoluta, 5^, 6, 7 and 8-in. pots, from 5 to 15 leaves to a plant, 10c per leaf. Have a house full of them, with good long leaves, suitable for funeral work. Kentia Belmoreana, 4-in.. 16 to 20 in. high. 25c to 35c; 6 to 7-in., stocky, 30 to 35 in. high, 6 to 7 good leaves, very bushy, $1.00, $1.25, $1 50 to $2.00. Kentia Belmoreana, 3-in., suitable for fern dishes. 10c. Kentia Forsterlana, 8-in. pots, made up, 1 large, 4 ft. high in center, witb 3 small around, price $3.00 to $4.00: single plants, 6 to 7-in. pots, 26, 30, 85. 40 to 48 in. high, 76c to $1.00, $1.26 to $1.50. $2.00 to $2.50 each. Cocoa Weddelllana, 3Vin., 18 to 20 in. high. 20c to 26c; 3-in., 15 in. high, 18c. Azalea Indica, new crop, raised for us under contract by our Azalea specialist in Qhent, Bel- gium, just arrived and stood the sea voyage well. We never received a finer lot than this year, well budded for Christmas forcing. Re- member, only the healthiest, strongest plants, with buds well advanced, are selected. Deutsche Perle (double white), Simon Mardner (double pink), Yervaeneana (double rose variegated), Apollo (red), 50c, 75c. $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 to $2.00. Mme. Petrlck, best earliest pink. New varieties will flower in medium temperature. A child can force them into bloom for Xmas, full of buds, 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 to $2 00 each. Easter forc- ing varieties, Bernard Andre alba (white). Niobe (white), last year's plants, hiii sizes. 16. 18, 20 to 22-in.. full of buds. II 00. $1.50. $2.00 to $2.50 each. Remember, only last year's importation bloom successfully for Easter. Empress of India, Mme. Yan der Cruyssen. De Schryveriana, Dr. Moore, NOTICE—All oor Ferns are pot, not beneh-growB. All goods mast travel at purchaser's risk. Cash with order, please. Please state if you want stock shipped in or out of pots. fiodfrej Aschmaoa, west onL.». Philadelphia, Pa. $10.00 per 100. Asparaicns Sprengerl, 2'9-in. pota. $8.00 par 100; 41n., $8.00 per 100. Dish Ferns. Best assortment, 2>3-ln. pota. $4.00 per 100; 3-in., $6.C0 per 100. LOOK! A 7-inch Whitmani as big as a buahel basket, 76c to 91.00. We have a full house each of the finest Amer* pohlll and Whitmani in the market. Amer- pohlii, bhi and 6-in., 40c and 60c. Whitmani 5»a, 6 and 7-in., 25c, 40c, 50c, 75c, $1.00. Beffonia Gloire de Lorraine. Have a whole house full of them in 6 in. sizes, in first- class condition, ready to bloom now and for the holidays. Our experiments in the past in rais- ing and cultivating this early Christmas plant put us in the foreground and now we will be able to deliver them in a much improved condition with flowers much brighter in color and hardier, standing shipping well. Everybody seeing them, even enemies, must admire them. They are cracker-jacks; 7-in. pots, $1.25 to $i 50: 6 in. pots 50c, 75c to $1.00. The 75o and $1.00 sizes are al- most as big as 8 in.; 3-in.pots; 12c to 16c. Begonia Flambean, 4-in.. 15c; 6h in., 20c. Begoniaa. New improved Erfordii and gra- cilis, 6^-in., $2.60 per doz. Cineraria Hybrlda, Aschmann's well-knows strain, 4-ln . 10c. Yellow Daisies, 2V2-in., $4.00 per 100. Jernsalem Cherries, 6-in., full of berries 25c. 30c to 50c. Hydrangea Otaksa, pot grown, 6-in., 26c to 35c.



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