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Image from page 180 of "Wandering heroes" (1902) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 180 of "Wandering heroes" (1902)

Identifier: wanderingheroes00pric

Title: Wandering heroes

Year: 1902 (1900s)

Authors: Price, Lillian Louise, 1865-

Subjects: Heroes

Publisher: New York, Boston [etc.] Silver, Burdett and company

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress



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Text Appearing Before Image:

aping and bounding, chased Thorfinn to theshore where he was pushing off his long boat. With a dash and a spring she had leaped into it.Thorfinn laughed. What will your mother say?he asked. u Shell say the Norns sing of my terrible fate/said Gudrid. Let the Norns sing, then. Whereare you going, Thorfinn ? aTo Eriks Island, where your grandfather livedwhen he first explored this bay, that I may see aspot he tells of. Down the bay sped the boat, and Thorfinn sangas he steered, while Gudrid sat silent, watching thedark rolling waves all about her, her cheeks grow-ing a deeper and deeper red in the salt spray.Rounding the point of the island, they came uponthe settlement of Herjulf, lying behind its highguarding fence. Below it, the tall headland of thecape jutted into the sea, and beyond that lay thewide ocean. A ray of golden sunlight from part-ing clouds struck the gray waters. The mists werelifting. Thorfinn moored his boat below the head-land, and the two children roamed the desolate


Text Appearing After Image:

; A Boat! Two Boats! They are coming Here. THE SAGA OF THE LAND OF GRAPES. 163 shore. Gudrid whirled her arms and screamedup at the gulls, and they screamed downward ather. Suddenly over the waters came another sound, alow hoarse shout. Thorfinn leapt upon a rock andstrained his eyes into the wrest. A boat!rhe cried, and tis not Bjarnis! Bjarnis ismoored in the inlet. A boat! Two boats ! Theyare coming here. Tis Leif! I know by the prow,tis Leif! I know the scuta he bought fromBjarni! Leif! cried Gudrid, now wild with excite-ment; Uncle Leif come home! Oh, what shallwe do, Thorfinn? What shall we do?: Take the boat, said Thorfinn, and go toBrattahlid. Carry the news to your grandfather,that Leif is returned. I stay here. Gudrid fled. She loosed the boat, and all alone,sailed up the bay till she came to Brattahlid. Thewind was against her, and it was late when she ranin to land, Thralls were setting wheels and loomsaside, and Erik the Red stood in the drinking halllooking down into the



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