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Image from page 67 of "A treatise on anatomy, physiology and hygiene : designed for colleges, academies and families" (1850) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 67 of "A treatise on anatomy, physiology and hygiene : designed for colleges, academies and families" (1850)

Identifier: treatiseonanatom00cutt

Title: A treatise on anatomy, physiology and hygiene : designed for colleges, academies and families

Year: 1850 (1850s)

Authors: Cutter, Calvin, 1807-1873?

Subjects: Physiology Anatomy Hygiene Anatomy Physiology Hygiene

Publisher: Boston : B.B. Mussey

Contributing Library: Columbia University Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:

^^Li fig. 34. The table is too hi*h, and the position is oblique and improper. Thsrtglit shoulder is seen, higher than the left, whi!« the spinal column, I, 1, eshibitaihreo curves. 140. One shoulder may be elevated, and no injurious results What experiment is mentioned ? What does fig. 34 represent? 140. n©,wcan one shoulder be elevated and no iniarious results fcliow ? 60 ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, AND HYGIENE. follow, provided care is taken not to keep it in the raised posi-tion too long, or if the opposite shoulder is elevated for thesame period of time. The right shoulder projects more fre-quentl^than the left. This arises from the greater use of theright hand with the shoulder elevated, and not unfrequentlythe oblique positions assumed in performing the daily voca-tions of life. With proper care, and by calling into actionthe left shoulder, this deformity can be prevented. Fig. 35.


Text Appearing After Image:

Fig. 35. A representation of a deformed trunk. 141. The loss of symmetry and diminution of height fromdeformed spines are minor considerations, compared with thedistortions that the chest experiences, thereby impairing res-piration and inducing diseases of the heart and lungs. The V\1iy docs the right shoulder project more frequently than the left ? llovtcan this deformity be prevented i 141. What is said of deformed spinalcolumns ? HYGIENE OF THE BONES. 61 invasion of the functions of these two important organs lessensthe vitality of the whole system, and causes general ill health.Again, the curvature of the spinal column is frequently at-tended by irritation and disease of the spinal cord. 142. Eminent physicians, both in this country and France,state that not more than one female in ten, who has been fash-ionably educated, is free from deformities of the shoulder orspinal column. Teachers, as well as mothers, should noticethe positions of the child m performing the tasks allotted t



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