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Image from page 276 of "Bohemian Paris of to-day" (1900) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 276 of "Bohemian Paris of to-day" (1900)

Identifier: bohemianparisoft01morr

Title: Bohemian Paris of to-day

Year: 1900 (1900s)

Authors: Morrow, William Chambers, 1853-1923 Cucuel, Édouard

Subjects: Bohemianism

Publisher: Philadelphia, London, J.B. Lippincott company

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress



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Text Appearing Before Image:

the ghastlystages that the former occupant of the coffin had ex-perienced, and returned in proper person to life andto his seat beside Mr. Thompkins, the audience ap-plauding softly. A mysterious figure in black waylaid the crowdas it filed out. He held an inverted skull, intowhich we were expected to drop sous through thenatural opening there, and it was with the feelingof relief from a heavy weight that we departedand turned our backs on the green lights at theentrance. What a wonderful contrast! Here we were in thefree, wide, noisy, brilliant world again. Here againwere the crowds, the venders, saucy grisettes withtheir bright smiles, shining teeth, and alluring glances.Here ao^ain were the bustlino- cafes, the music, thelights, the life, and above all the giant arms of theMoulin Rouge sweeping the sky. Now, quietly remarked Bishop, having passedthrough death, we will explore hell. Mr. Thompkins seemed too weak, or unresisting, or apathetic to protest. His face betrayed a queer 276


Text Appearing After Image:

■i.\L .jJikAthiM THE ENTRANCE TO HELL A NIGHT ON MONTxMARTRE mixture of emotions, part suffering, part revulsion,part a sort of desperate eagerness for more. We passed through a large, hideous, fanged, openmouth in an enormous face from which shone eyesof blazing crimson. Curiously enough, it adjoinedheaven, whose cool blue lights contrasted strikinglywith the fierce ruddiness of hell. Red-hot bars andgratings through which flaming coals gleamed ap-peared in the walls within the red mouth. A placardannounced that should the temperature of thi§ in-ferno make one thirsty, innumerable bocks might behad at sixty-five centimes each. A little red impguarded the throat of the monster into whose mouthwe had walked ; he was cutting extraordinary capers,and made a great show of stirring the fires. Thered imp opened the imitation heavy metal door forour passage to the interior, crying,— Ah, ah, ah ! still they come ! Oh, how they willroast! Then he looked keenly at Mr. Thompkins.It was inte



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