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Image from page 262 of "Physical culture: first book of exercises in drill, calisthenics, and gymnastics" (1891) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 262 of "Physical culture: first book of exercises in drill, calisthenics, and gymnastics" (1891)

Identifier: physicalcul91west00houg

Title: Physical culture: first book of exercises in drill, calisthenics, and gymnastics

Year: 1891 (1890s)

Authors: Houghton, E. B

Subjects: Physical education and training Calisthenics Gymnastics Gymnasiums

Publisher: Toronto : Warwick & sons

Contributing Library: The University of Western Ontario, Western Archives

Digitizing Sponsor: Ontario Council of University Libraries and Member Libraries



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Text Appearing Before Image:

Third Position, L.H. j The same as One, Two and « Three,) Exercise 2, L.H. Group II.j- The same as One, Two and Three.) Exercise 9, L.H. Group II. Change. I See Exeicise 1, L.H. Group IT. 248 PHYSICAL CULTURE. Exercise 9.—72.27. Third Position, RH. The same as One, Two and Three,Lxercise 2, E.H. Group I].The same as One, Two and Three, One. \ 1^. ^- \ Exercise 10, R.H. Group II.Change. \ See Exercise 1, R.H. Group ]I. Exercise 9.—L.H. Third Position, L.H. ( The same as One, Two and Three,^^^- \ Exercise 2, L.ll. Group 11. ( The same as One, Two and Three,^^^■^- I Exercise 10, L.II. Group II.First Position, L.H.—See Group I. Salute. < As before. Class— I ggg j^j^jg Qf Formation, Part I./• ront. \ Salute. I As before. S^ \ ^®® ^ ^ ^^^ ^ Dismiss. < See Modes of Formation, Part L GDOUP V. Assemble. I See Modes of Formation, Part 1.First Position, Pt.II. Sahite. < See First Series, Calisthenics. GTMNASTICS. 249 Caution.—The Minim Circles from the Fourth Position.


Text Appearing After Image:

Cut p. Exercise 1.—li.H. Fourih Position E.H. Keep the right arm as straight as possibleand ]et the club describe a circle; going down,towards the left, up, p issing in the rear of andnearly touching the arm, and to the ri;:ht untilin the position it started from ; the fingers willloosen their grasp considerably as the clubcommences the circle, the hold being maintainedprincipally by the thumb and upper part of thefore-finger, and resume their hold as the club\ comes up to the position. {See 1, 1, Cut 43.) 0 ne. 250 PHYSICAL CULTURE. Change. !0n the word Change given as the club iscomi)leting the circle, bring it and the armdown, to the left, and as the right hand comesnear the left, seize the club with the left handabove the right, immediately letting go withthe right and carrying the club up to theposition given at the head of the next exercise;the right arm will drop to the side. Exercise 1.—L.H. Fourth Position L-H. / Keep the left arm as straight as possible andlet the club d



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