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Image from page 60 of "The Bookshelf for boys and girls Children's Book of Fact and Fancy" (1912) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 60 of "The Bookshelf for boys and girls Children's Book of Fact and Fancy" (1912)

Identifier: bookshelfforboys00univ9

Title: The Bookshelf for boys and girls Children's Book of Fact and Fancy

Year: 1912 (1910s)

Authors: University Society, New York

Subjects: Children's literature Children's encyclopedias and dictionaries Literature Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Publisher: New York. : University Society

Contributing Library: Brigham Young University-Idaho, David O. McKay Library

Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University-Idaho



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Text Appearing Before Image:

IN THE LAND OF NOWRIGHTAWAY Now the sun is low in the west, you see;And the dark creeps up to the By-and-bx treeSpeed away, good swallow, on swiftest wingAnd above that cockatoos screeching sing:Come home, little laggards, come home andstayIn your own fair land of Nowrightaivay,Where the clocks strike true, and faces shineWhen the school-bells ring out, Nine! nine! nine !The road is straight that brings you here,And after this we 11 call you dear Ycsrightaivay, Dear Justontimc,And forget the day you ran awayTo the dreary valley of Dilly-Dally— Poor little Goingtosomeday, And little Someothcrtime ! The clocks strike true, cAnd faces shineWhen the school-bells ring out, Nine I nine I nine I POEMS FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES 43


Text Appearing After Image:

A NEW ARITHMETIC BY GEORGE WILLIAM DALEY I m bound to be a genius, said little Johnny Green;I m going to write a book to be the best oneever seen.I 11 call it Greens Arithmetic, and in it will be rulesTo knock out the old-fogyness so rampant inour schools. Addition I 11 have all fixed up so that when four and eightAre added in together you will find the answer straight.At blackboard you wont need to stand and think with all your might,For whatever number you put down it s sure to come out right. The same way with the tables; I 11 have a new set made.When teacher calls Quick, seven times nine, you need nt be afraid. Just raise your hand and speak right out and say it s eighty-two;You 11 have my book to back you up, so what can teacher do ? Through fractions, cancellation, and the awful cent, per cent.,I 11 have the answers as they chance to be convenient.You need nt ruin your poor eyes a-studying at night,For be your answer what it may it s bound to be all right. Eight nines will make



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