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Image from page 82 of "In a car of gold" (1902) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 82 of "In a car of gold" (1902)

Identifier: incarofgold00gray

Title: In a car of gold

Year: 1902 (1900s)

Authors: Gray, P. L. (Patrick Leopoldo), 1864-


Publisher: Akron, O., New York [etc.] The Saalfield Publishing Company



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Text Appearing Before Image:

will surely bring him back. The hag went on with her preparations, adding fuelto the fire, testing the water with her finger, and whet-ting the big knife on a stone. Oh, Lord! moaned Ruby, Lord help your poor,disobedient children. Stop that foolish babbling! cried old Tag, turningon the girl with flashing eye. Ruby closed her lips, but in her heart the prayer wascontinued. The hag again turned to the fire. At last, shesaid to herself, at last the water is hot! More winefor my nerves, and the work begins! Once more she filled the cup with wine and drankgreedily. Then, refilling the cup, she removed the corkfrom the wide-necked bottle. Taking out a big pinchof the white powder she dropped it into the cup ofwine and stirred it up with her finger. In a momentthe powder had dissolved, and the potion was ready. Old Tag caught Rubys arm and pulled her to herfeet. Here, lassie, she said, handing the cup, takethis down—its nice and sweet, an in five minutesyoull be asleep an with th angels 1


Text Appearing After Image:

At last the water is hot! More wine for my nerves, and the work begins ! THE NEW YOllfCPUBLIC AST??, L!v?vv >>,[)mnr,iv-T Fr.«ii%:R IN A CAR OF GOLD. 77 Ruby stood paralyzed with fear, her face white assnow. Take hold! cried the hag, impatiently. Oh, no, no, cried the poor girl, falling on herknees. Good woman, please dont— Dont good woman me! Didnt I tell you that Imnot good, but wicked, an cant you see fer yerself?Come, drink that up quick, or Ill pour it down yerthroat! Ruby remained firm, almost defiant. Will you obey? Old Tags face was aflame withrage. I—I cannot! Then, Ill help you 1 The hag seized Ruby by the hair with one hand, hold-ing her head well back, and with the other she placedthe cup to the girls lips. Drink! she commanded. Rubys lips were firmly closed, but the hag would notbe thwarted. Prying open the clenched teeth with thecup, and forcing it between her bleeding lips, shepoured the contents down the girls throat, almoststrangling her. The drug soon had



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