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Image from page 423 of "Greek athletic sports and festivals" (1910) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 423 of "Greek athletic sports and festivals" (1910)

Identifier: greekathleticspo00gard

Title: Greek athletic sports and festivals

Year: 1910 (1910s)

Authors: Gardiner, E. Norman (Edward Norman), 1864-1930

Subjects: Athletics Sports Olympics Fasts and feasts

Publisher: London : Macmillan and Co.

Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library

Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University



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Text Appearing Before Image:

Fig. 125.—B.-f. kylix, in British Museum, E. 36. Cannot we picture this athletic fraud strutting about the bathcross-buttocking imaginary opponents, just as his modern ^ Char, xxvii. XVIII WRESTLING—THE CROSS-BUTTOCK 395 counterpart bowls imaginary balls, or with his walking-stickwings imaginary birds ? These movements may be illustrated by a group on a black-figured vase in the Museo Gregoriano (Fig. 128). The wrestlerto the left has obtained a hold round his opponents waist,either from in front or from behind. In the former case hisopponent must have immediately turned round. Anyhow, bythrowing his weight well forward, he frustrates the attempt tolift him, and puts himself in an advantageous position forswinging the other off his feet. Somewhat similar must have


Text Appearing After Image:

Fig. 126.—Metope of Theseum. Theseus and Cercyon.(Greek Smlpture, Fig. 66.) been the motive of a much mutilated group on a metope of thetreasury of the Athenians at Delphi, representing the exploitsof Theseus, except that the figures are more upright.^ A throw somewhat resembling the cross-buttock is repre-sented in a recently acquired bronze of the British Museum(Fig. 129). As two other replicas^ exist it seems probablethat it is a copy of some well-known Hellenistic group in ^ Fouilles de Belphes, iv. 46, 47. ^ Collection Philip, Paris, 1905, No. 484 ; de Ridder, Collection de Clercy^ Paris,1905, iii. 253, PI. xli. 3. 396 GREEK ATHLETIC SPORTS AND FESTIVALS CHAP. bronze or marble. A thick-set bearded man is wrestling witha powerful youth, and with his back turned to him twists himoff his feet by a most curious arm-lock. With his right handhe forces his opponents right arm back across his own thigh,while he has slipped his left arm under his left armpit andgripped his neck, thus re



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