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Image from page 121 of "hp :: 3000 :: ds3000 :: 32187-90001 X.25 Link for the HP 3000 Reference Manual Dec1985" (1919) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 121 of "hp :: 3000 :: ds3000 :: 32187-90001 X.25 Link for the HP 3000 Reference Manual Dec1985" (1919)

Identifier: bitsavers_hp3000ds30kfortheHP3000ReferenceManualDec1985_11035564

Title: hp :: 3000 :: ds3000 :: 32187-90001 X.25 Link for the HP 3000 Reference Manual Dec1985

Year: 1919 (1910s)


Subjects: trace data device pad packet terminal error configuration remote node remote node block mode logical device trace entries trace file trace listing data display message appears user data virtual circuit




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teristics Table entry will be suppressed when using the NETCONF CHECK, PRINT, or EXITcommands. 5-40 X.25 Network Configurator Network Configuration Utility - Mon» Aug 19, 1985, 9:35 AMVersion: A.55.27000 (C) Hewlett-Packard Co. 1981 Remote Node Table NodeName SystemType LdevNo Line Type RemotePDN Address/Phone Number NULL* REM0TEA1 REM0TEA2 REM0TEA3 REM0TEA4 HP3000HP2334HP2334HP2334HP2334 6066676869 X25X25X25X25X25 31104080002001311040800020023110408000200331104080002004 Line Characteristics Table LdevNo Line Type ConnectMethod DCE/DTE Remote Primary Node 60 X25 PDNNAME DTE 5-41 X.25 Network Configurator Line Characteristics Table (X25) LdevNo LocalX25 Address Level 2 Level 3 TlTimer RetryCount Win-dow LowVC HighVC PacketSize Win-dow ModCnt 60 311040800010 3000 20 7 1 20 128 2 8 Valid Configuration NOTE All parameters must be agreeable with the PDN. *This entry is optional. See page 5-37 for an explanation. 5-42 X.25 Network Configurator X.25 and the HP 2334A Callable Port Pool Ck Ck


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NOTE: THE 2334A IS AN HP-SUPPLIED PAD AND CAN SUPPORT A TOTAL OF 16 DEVICESKEY: O IS A NETWORK SWITCHING NODE (DCE)A IS A NETWORK-SUPPUED PAD I/O CONFIGURATION. In this case, the terminals connected to the HP 2334A will be used as log on devices only, and theprinters will be FOPENd by applications on the HP 3000, but the applications dont care which printeris used. At the time you do the offline configuration of the HP 2334A, you specify that the portsconnected to the printers are to be members of the Callable Port Pool. This implies that calls cominginto the HP 2334A with no port subaddress, or a subaddress of value 00 will be connected to availableports in the Callable Port Pool. On the HP 3000, you configure an lOPADO device for each terminal connected to the HP 2334A, andan lOPADl device for each remote printer connected to the HP 2334A. REC WIDTH for lOPADldevices should be the physical carriage width of the remote printer usually 66 words (i.e. 132 bytes),and OUTPUT DEV should b



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