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Image from page 129 of "Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics" (1916) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 129 of "Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics" (1916)

Identifier: textbookofmassag00desprich

Title: Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics

Year: 1916 (1910s)

Authors: Despard, L.L. (Louisa L.)


Publisher: London : Henry Frowde : Hodder & Stoughton

Contributing Library: University of California Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:

HE snou LDEK T Muscle. Origin. Insertion. Action. Nervo Supply. Deltoid. Lateral third an- Rough iiromim-nce Abducts arm ; Axillary. 1 terior border of middle of late- anterior libres clavicle; lateral ral surface of Hex shoulder bonier acromion, humerus. and rotate whole length lower humerus med- border of spine of ially; pos- scapula. terior fibresextend shoul-der anil ro-tate liumeruslaterally. 1 1 Subscapularis. Whole of subscapu- Small tubercle of Flexes shoulder Upper and lower.. |l lar fossa except at Immerus. and rotateshumerus nicd- subscapular. angles. ially. Supraspinatus. Supras{nnoU8 fossa Highest facet on Ab.huta and Suprascapular, -j- 11 of scapula. large tubercle ofhumerus. rotates hum-erus laterally. ! Infraspinatus. Iiifraspinous fossa of Middle facet on Extends shoul- II ^ scapula. large tubercle ofhumerus. der and ro-tates humerus I .ii laterally. 1 106 TEXT-BOOK OF MASSAGE AND REMEDIAL GYMNASTICS Posterior triangle Seiiiispiualis capitis Scapular aiwneuros^Deltoid


Text Appearing After Image:

Gluteus niaxinius Fig. 56. -Superficial TNIuscles of the Back and Vertebro-Scapular Muscles. TIIK MUSCULAR SYSTEM 10 -^MUSCLES OF THE SnOVLDKR—continuea Muscle. Origin. Insertion. Action. Nerve Supply. Teres minor. Upper two - thirdsdorsal as]>ectaxillary niarj^iu ofscapula. Lowest facet onlargo tubercleof liumurus andsuvlace immedi-ately distal to it. Adducts androtates hum-erus laterally. Axillary. Teres major. Lower tliinl of dor-sal aspect of axil-lary inaigiu ofscapula. Medial border in-tertuberculargroove of hum-erus. Exliuds, ad-ducts, androtiites hum-erus medially. Lower sub.scap-ular. J-JIUS lUSCLES OF THE ARM Muscle. Origin. Insertion. Action. Nerve Supidy. Coraco-brachialis. Tip of ooracoid pro- Middle of medial Flexes slioulder .Muscido-cutaue-. cess of scapula. side of shaft ofhumerus. and adductshumerus. ous. Biceps brachii (two 1. Short hca.l —tip Tuljcrclc of radius. Flexes shoulder; heads). of coracoid processof scapula.2. Long head—ui)pcr margin ofglenoid ca



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