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Image from page 74 of "First-year nursing : a text-book for pupils during their first year of hospital work" (1921) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 74 of "First-year nursing : a text-book for pupils during their first year of hospital work" (1921)


Title: First-year nursing : a text-book for pupils during their first year of hospital work

Year: 1921 (1920s)

Authors: Goodnow, Minnie, 1871-1952, author

Subjects: Nursing Nursing Care


Contributing Library: U.S. National Library of Medicine

Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons, U.S. National Library of Medicine


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thepillow out with your other hand, lay it aside, and slipthe fresh one in. Care should be taken not to let thehead of an unconscious patient fall forward so as to ob-struct his breathing. Usually, the pillow should go just under the edge ofthe patients shoulders. If two pillows are used, thesecond one should be placed only under the head.Patients have many peculiarities in regard to the arrange-ment of pillows, and what is comfortable for one is notnecessarily so for another. If a patient looks comfortablehe is apt to be so, and vice versa. The mattress may be changed without removing the REVIEW QUESTIONS 63 patient, but it is usually less trouble and more com-fortable for the patient to lift him to a cot or stretcher forsuch a procedure. Except in certain fracture cases, themattress should be turned or changed at least once aweek. Bedside Table.—Patients are many times annoyedand made uncomfortable by the inconvenient placing ofthe bedside table. Nurses commonly put the table on a


Text Appearing After Image:

Fig. 6.—Changing pillow.—(Athens Home Nurses Handbook ofPractical Nursing.) line with the head of the bed, a position which compelsthe patient to reach backward if he wishes to get any-thing from it. The table should be placed about themiddle of the bed just opposite the patients hand.This may not look as well, and may not be as convenientfor the nurse, but it is far more so for the patient. REVIEW QUESTIONS Why are iron beds the best? Describe a proper hospital bed.How can vermin in beds be gotten rid of? C4 FIRST YEAR NURSING What sort of mattresses and pillows should be used? What re should be given them? How are they best protected? What are the best sort of sheets? Of bed covers? Of spreads? What are the points to be observed in bed-making? Tell in detail how to make an empty bed. A surgical bed. Afracture bed. A delivery bed. How can you, with an ordinary bed, make a patient comfortablein the Fowler position? For what are bed cradles used? Tell how to air the bed of a patien


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Taken circa 1921