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Image from page 421 of "The encyclopaedia of sport" (1897) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 421 of "The encyclopaedia of sport" (1897)

Identifier: encyclopaediaofs02suff

Title: The encyclopaedia of sport

Year: 1897 (1890s)

Authors: Suffolk and Berkshire, Henry Charles Howard, Earl of, 1833-1898 Peek, Hedley Aflalo, Frederick G. (Frederick George), 1870-1918

Subjects: Horses Sports Games

Publisher: London : Lawrence and Bullen

Contributing Library: Webster Family Library of Veterinary Medicine

Digitizing Sponsor: Tufts University



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Text Appearing Before Image:

with the skin ofa pytl on B B 2 3S4 THE ENCVCLOP.-EDIA OF SPORT [snakes that has been tanned. Ihis makes the verytoughest leather, neatly marked with the scale-like indentations. The capture of a large python would wellrepay a sportsman and be worth the work andcost if the snake were taken alive ; if abovetwenty feet long, it would be of great value toany zoological collection. The best I killed wasabout sixteen feet long, in the Annamallys ; ithad just swallowed a large black lungoor, one ofthe most active of monkeys. Professor Owensays : They can outclimb the monkey, outswimthe fish, outleap the jerboa, and, suddenly loos-ing the coils of their crouching spiral, they canspring into the air and seize a bird upon its wing.Their strength is also surprising. Returning tomy house at Kamptee at 3 oclock a.m., theriver being in high flood, I saw by the lanternlight a snake in the verandah. By his finemarking I made out that he was a python, andtherefore not poisonous, and went for him, got


Text Appearing After Image:

Snake Charmer. my foot on his neck, and caught hold of him.Two sturdy native servants at once came to myhelp, and it was all we could do to get him intoa strong cage, although he was only between sevenand. eight feet long, such was his muscular power. In the morning the various birds came up tohis cage, and stayed screaming so near that hecould have caught them had he been free. On one occasion a lad, fifteen years of age,was heard calling out; his comrades, thinkinghe was caught by a panther, were afraid to goto his aid, and ran for men ; they found himkilled by a jsython, and got it; it was fifteenfeet long. This was near Hyderabad. The Indian python Alobirus is not known toexceed twenty feet. The python Reticulatiis ofBurma and the Malayan region is said to reachthirty feet; and the carpet snake, an Australianpython, twenty-five and a half feet. I haveseen tracks of apparently larger snakes inthe Travancore forests, without being ableto get up to them, as they led either intoimpene



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