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Image from page 172 of "Colour in woven design" (1890) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 172 of "Colour in woven design" (1890)

Identifier: gri_c00033125001412929

Title: Colour in woven design

Year: 1890 (1890s)

Authors: Beaumont, Roberts, 1862-1924

Subjects: Color in the textile industries Textile design

Publisher: London : Whittaker & Co. New York : D. Van Nostrand

Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute

Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute



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Text Appearing Before Image:

ed. The plain make so determinesthe crossing of the warp and weft yarns, that the whitepicks always float under the black threads and over thewhite threads, while the black picks always float under thewhite and over the black threads, hence the solidity of the ELEMENTS OF TEXTILE COLOURING.—STRIPES. 127 respective lines of colour is uninterrupted, and a patternproduced of a simple stripe order. Coming to the twillweave, it distributes the colours differently. Firstly, itallows of four changes in the positions of the yarns, whereasthe plain make only allows of two. Secondly, each pickfloats over and under two threads at a time, so that the picksat every interlacing cover, or are covered, by both a blackand a white thread. Let it now be shown what is the resultof this. Supposing the first thread and pick to be blackand the second thread and pick white, then, if the effectof the interweaving of the first pick is traced, it will beobvious how it forms part of the minute diagonal pattern


Text Appearing After Image:

Fier. 6. sketched in fig. 6. This pick floats over a black and awhite, and then under a black and a white thread, so thata small transverse line of black is formed equal in length,not to a float over tiw, but three threads, for although theextent of the weft float is two, yet the black thread adjoin-ing it enlarges it in effect to three. Next take the secondpick. It floats over the second and third threads, and, beingwhite, makes a transverse line of this shade of similar di-mensions to the preceding pick, because the fourth threadin the warp is white, and in the texture is added to thetwo-weft float. If picks three and four are examined, itwill be noticed that they give like results, only the posi-tions of the small lines of colours are moved one thread in 128 COLOUR IN WOVEN DESIGN. each case to the right, causing the diagonal effect in thefabric to move to the right. Analyzing the first andsecond threads it will be seen that they make short verticallines, equal in length to flushin



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