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Image from page 22 of "Birds and nature" (1900)

Identifier: birdsnature511899chic

Title: Birds and nature

Year: 1900 (1900s)


Subjects: Birds Natural history

Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : A.W. Mumford, Publisher

Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries

Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries



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Text Appearing Before Image:

as a heart seda-tive, thus tending to lower the temper-ature. Lemon juice has been highlyrecommended in acute rheumatism andalso to counteract the effects of certainpoisons, especially opium. The essential oil of lemon acts as astimulant and has been used in dis-eases of the eye {ophthalmia). It alsoserves to give an agreeable odor tocertain medicines, and is used in themanufacture of perfumery and as aflavoring agent for confectionery. The lemon peel is used in medicine.Candied lemon peel is a confectionprepared by boiling the peel in syrupand then allowing the sugar to crystal-lize. The following is a description of theexcellently colored plate: /i is aflowering and fruit-bearing twig, nearlynatural size; i is a single flower, some-what magnified; 2, stamens and pistil;3, ovary in longitudinal sections; ■^a,ovary in cross section; 4, anthers; 4^,pollen-grains; 5, fruit, nearly naturalsize; 6, cro-ss-section of fruit showingrind, large-celled pulp and seeds; 7, 8,and 9, seeds. I 14


Text Appearing After Image:

FROM KCEHUERS MEDICINAL-PFLANZEN. LEMON. 1 ABOUT BEES, FRED. A. WATT. THIS subject is an ancient andhonorable one. The most an-cient historical records makefrequent reference to the honey-bee. A poem written 741 B. C, byEremetus was devoted to bees. InScripture we read of them and learnthat Palestine was a land flowing withmilk and honey and we know that wildbees are very numerous there even tothe present time. In the year 50 B.C.,Varro recommended that hives be madeout of basket-work, wool, bark, hol-low-trees, pottery, reeds, or transparentstone to enable persons to observe thebees at work. The name Deborah isfrom the Hebrew and means bee; Me-lissa, from the Greek, has the samemeaning. • Honey-bees were introduced into theUnited States from Europe, in the sev-enteenth century, and our wild honey-bees are offspring of escaped swarms.Like all enterprising Yankees they firstsettled in the eastern states and rap-idly spread over the West, where theywere regarded with wonder by the In-



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