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Image from page 196 of "American small arms; a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge for sportsmen and military men" (1904) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 196 of "American small arms; a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge for sportsmen and military men" (1904)

Identifier: americansmallarm00farrrich

Title: American small arms; a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge for sportsmen and military men

Year: 1904 (1900s)

Authors: Farrow, Edward S. (Edward Samuel), b. 1855

Subjects: Firearms

Publisher: New York, The Bradford Company

Contributing Library: University of California Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:

pring, detracts nothingfrom the gun locks, and at the same time gives the strongest, most durableand best ejector made. AMERICAN SMALL ARMS 191 IVER JOHNSON ARMS. The Iver Johnson safety hammer and hammerless automatic revolvers areso constructed that it is impossible to explode the sliell unless the finger is onthe trigger at the point of firing. The rebounding firing pin is a late improve-ment. It rebounds of itself, and is entirely independent of hammer, trigger oraction. This device allows the hammer to lie always in its natural position,and no unsightly opening is left by the rebounding of the hammer. Besidesthis vitally important and original improvement there have been incorporatedmany other valuable devices, such as the barrel catch, cylinder lock, and extractorcam; no spring has any tension upon it except when in operation. The safety hammer comprises three essential parts; the hammer, firing pin,and intervening lever, or what is termed the raiser. In firing the revolver, the


Text Appearing After Image:

Figure i. hammer strikes the raiser, and that, in turn, the firing pin. To illustrate thesafe qualities of this weapon:—should the hammer catch in the pocket, orshould the hammer, by any accident, be knocked off while at full cock; orshould the sear be released in any other than the natural way, it is utterlyimpossible for the pistol to discharge. In order to explode the cartridge, thefinger must be on the trigger at the point of firing or when the trigger releasesthe sear. Drawing the hammer back with the thumb to almost full cock, the 192 AMERICAN SMALL ARMS raiser is carried up to a relative position with the firing pin; on. releasing thehammer it drops, but no discharge, as the raiser, being controlled by the hammer,is drawn down and out of line of the firing pin. If, however, we pull the trigger,we repeat the action of the thumb; but, at the point of firing, or as the triggerknocks off the sear, it releases the raiser from the hammer, and the triggerholding the same in line of



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