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Image from page 435 of "Bell telephone magazine" (1922)

Identifier: belltelephonemag4344amerrich

Title: Bell telephone magazine

Year: 1922 (1920s)

Authors: American Telephone and Telegraph Company American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Information Dept

Subjects: Telephone

Publisher: [New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Co., etc.]

Contributing Library: Prelinger Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:

els. The Gemini Launch Data System is partof a 225,000-mile global tracking and com-munications network, for which the Bell Sys-tem is the major supplier and assists in theoverall coordination, used by NASA to con-trol manned and unmanned space missions(see BTM, Spring 65, p. 64). Telephone with Headset H Busy people who must handle paper-work and phone calls at the same timewill get help with a new telephone now beingmade by Western Electric. The instrumentlooks like a standard Bell System desk set,with one important difference: it has a jackinto which an operators headset can beplugged. Use of the headset frees both handsfor typing, searching for papers or any otherbusiness that might be conducted while onthe phone. The new phone is expected to be a helpto thousands of heavy telephone users. Itwill be especially useful to secretaries, orderclerks, newspaper reporters and others whoneed both hands free while phoning. It willalso be useful for those with motion handi-caps (see p. 32).


Text Appearing After Image:

.\cw telephone will] i>lni;-in headsel makes it easier tcr people who must handle paperwork andphone calls at the same time. Button switches phone from handset to headset operation. 70 When the headset is not in use, the phoneoperates like any other. Turning a buttonabove the dial switches the phone from hand-set to headset operation. A push of the buttonsignals the operator or regains the dial tone. Lower PICTUREPHONE ServiceRates ■ Lower rates for the Bell Systems Pic-turephone see-while-you-talk servicewent into effect June 10 on calls from Pic-turephone calling centers in New York,Chicago and Washington, D.C. The new ratesare $8 for the initial three-minute period be-tween New York and Washington, $10.50 forthe same period between Chicago and Wash-ington, and $13.50 between Chicago andNew York. The revised rates are one-half the originalcharges. They will make it possible to explorethe market potential and to determine cus-tomer reaction to the service at the reducedrate leve



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