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Image from page 53 of "New rational athletics for boys and girls" (1917) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 53 of "New rational athletics for boys and girls" (1917)

Identifier: newrationalathle00reil

Title: New rational athletics for boys and girls

Year: 1917 (1910s)

Authors: Reilly, Frederick Joseph, 1872-

Subjects: Athletics

Publisher: Boston, New York [etc.] D. C. Heath & Co

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress



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Text Appearing Before Image:

him for the step or thefinal effort in the jump. Several gymnasium mats measuring wellever 30 feet must be provided. In front ofthe first mat we place a board on which istacked a broad piece of corrugated rubberwith a white line painted across it. This isthe starting line. The near edge of the boardis bevelled down so as to avoid the danger oftripping. The corrugated rubber should meas-|ire about 2 feet square, and is to preventflipping in the take-off. Broad Jump To secure good form in the Broad Jumpis comparatively simple. Boys should betrained to take one upward stretch, balanc-ing an instant on their toes, gather them-selves together, arms extended back, andthen to spring forward and upward with allthe power of their legs, flinging the arms for-ward at the same time. The hardest thing to 38 NEW RATIONAL ATHLETICS get them to understand is that, to get dis-tance, they must jump high. A projectilefired at an angle of 45 degrees travels fartherthan one fired higher or lower. We have


Text Appearing After Image:

Plate 10. — Broad Jump: Correct Landing found it useful to stand a twelve-inch boardon edge about 2 feet from the starting line,so as to make the pupils jump high. Theymust learn, also, that to fall or step backafter landing constitutes a foul. (See PlatesNos. 9 [page 49] a7id 10.) Attention is invited to our arrangement ofthe mat for jumping. (See Plate No. 9.)Attached to one end of a regular ten-foot FOR BOYS AND GIRLS 39 gymnasium mat is a platform about 18 inchessquare. This is not a springboard, but simplya solid platform of two thicknesses of seven-eighths-inch board, covered with a square ofordinary rubber stair-tread. This gives thejumper a solid, non-slipping platform, abouton a level with the mat. He is not allowedto use the edge of this board as a take-off^but must jump from a line marked on therubber. Measuring from the starting line, cross-lines are painted three inches apart on themat, beginning with 4 feet 6 inches, the mini-mum for a Junior A. In this way it is notne



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