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Image from page 90 of "Brains and how to get them" (1913) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 90 of "Brains and how to get them" (1913)

Identifier: brainshowtogetth00lars

Title: Brains and how to get them

Year: 1913 (1910s)

Authors: Larson, Christian D. (Christian Daa), b. 1874

Subjects: New Thought

Publisher: Los Angeles, CA : New Literature Pub. Co.

Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:

wherein you concentrate subjectivelyand with regularity. Where to Concentrate—To impress ability inany faculty, concentrate regularly upon any partof the brain through which the faculty in ques-tion functions. Every leading faculty employs itsown part, or parts, of the brain. Some facultiesexpress themselves through one part only, whileother faculties employ several parts. When youknow what part of the brain is employed by somespecial faculty, build up that part; that is, con-centrate daily upon that part and aim, not onlyto increase the number of cells, but also to refineand develop those cells. You will thus give yourspecial faculty a more perfect instrument withwhich to work, and that faculty will steadilybecome stronger, more able and more efficient. Improved Quality—The predominating thoughtof the mind during any period of concentrationwill determine the quality of the new cells thatare conceived during that period. Therefore,to improve the quality of the brain cells and make


Text Appearing After Image:

FIG. III. 1. Creative Energy 2. Love 3. Individuality 4. Interior Understanding 5. Emotion 6. Intuition 7. Intelligence 8. Application 9. Expression Brains and How to Get Them 77 the brain structure more highly organized, thequality of thought that is formed in mind dur-ing any exercise in concentration should be thehighest that can possibly be imagined. Whenyou concentrate upon any part of the brain, thinkof quality, refinement, worth, superiority, power,ability, talent, genius. Think of all these thingsin their highest forms and draw upon your imag-ination for higher and higher forms. Enrichyour thinking to the very highest degree possi-ble ; this richer, higher, superior thought will per-meate the very life and essence of every cell inyour brain, and thus you will constantly improvethis quality of your entire brain. When you con-centrate upon any special part of your brain, usethe same method, and in addition, picture inmind the superior genius of that faculty thatfunctions through



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